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What happens what a hacker falls for her target?

Inflection Point 1

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My name is Tedi Watkins and I’m a hacker, a white hat hacker. This means I am one of the good guys. I work for a company called HDI and I’m one of a number of hackers on staff who are hired to test a company’s security. We work undercover and no one knows who we are and what we do.

I’m working now at ArcTech Inc. Quin Archer, former trust fund playboy and now hardworking (and smoking hot, by the way) CEO was a tween crush of mine. The last thing I expected when I met him was to feel a blazing hot and very adult attraction to him. I don’t normally get involved with my targets, but for Quin I might make an exception.

But what’s he going to think when he finds out I’ve been lying to him? And then there’s the fact that ArcTech is on the verge of either greatness or financial ruin with Project Inflection. Quin is also dealing with the seventh anniversary of the loss of one of his best friends and then there’s his cousin’s soon to be ex-wife is hitting on him. He’s definitely not having a good month.

So what do I do? Do I take a chance and have a fling with Quin? And how do I keep my heart from getting involved?

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Wonderful 5* Review of “Desired by Wolves”


Nanee’s Review:

Another Sexy as hell story from Diane Leyne. I absolutely positively love Alex! I felt for him so much in this book, I cried along with him, I wanted  to hug this big bad alpha who feels like half a man and scared shitless  to be without his mate the rest of his life but scared also of being  with  her. I cannot say enough about Alex this war hero who is in  excruciating pain everyday and feels so alone. Lena I love too I mean  who doesn’t she’s awesome..she takes in a stray dog that’s injured,  she’s a vet and she’s the mate of three wolf shifter brothers but the  mating was put off when Alex re enlisted. Will and Joe are sexy as hell  and dying to claim their mate but they have to wait until the Alpha mans up…a lot of emotions in this book, happiness, sadness, joy and love.  What a great book. This one is my fav so far and can’t wait to read  more…. 5 stars

First Blog

Hey, all.  Welcome to my blog.  Not much to see here so far, but in the weeks leading up to my first book release with Siren Bookstrand:  No Place Like Home on February 21st, I’ll be adding content and taking care of the general housekeeping.