Story and Adult Excerpts



He was reaching for his wallet when the saloon door opened and someone he didn’t recognize walked in. At first, she was silhouetted by the setting sun behind her and he could only see her outline, which was both petite and curvy. When she stepped further in and let the traditional swinging saloon doors close behind her, he could finally see her face.

She had long sandy-brown, almost but not quite blonde, hair pulled back into a careless ponytail, with strands coming free and framing her face. She had huge eyes that, even from where he sat, he could tell were a vivid blue.

He had told Cole that when they met the right woman, they’d know it. He had grown up on the story of how his grandfathers had fallen in love with grandma Rose at first sight. Cole thought he was crazy, but he knew that it would happen someday. Murphy had always prayed that when it did, Cole would fall hard, too.

He got down off the barstool and stood looking at the vision in jeans facing him. She was beautiful, to him. Maybe some might call her cute or call her plump, but he just wanted to call her his.

He started to move towards her when he saw the big dog slink in under the saloon door. It wasn’t one he recognized, but it walked right over to Dace and sat politely beside him for a moment before placing a paw on his knee.

Murphy laughed out loud as Dace jumped and dropped his burger and the dog calmly wolfed it down.

“What the—” Dace thundered, but then another voice interrupted.

“What do you think you are doing?” She hurried over to Dace. “I am so sorry, officer. I’d be happy to pay for your dinner and buy you a replacement. He didn’t mean any harm. I came in here to ask for directions and…I’m sorry.”

Murphy could hear the misery and pleading in her voice, which confused him. Sure, her dog had stolen a burger, but the level of her agitation seemed to exceed the offence. He felt a presence and turned to see Cole also staring at the scene. He hadn’t noticed that his friend had returned from the restroom. Hell, he hadn’t noticed much of anything since she walked in, except for the burger theft.

He decided it was time to head over to the table, but Micah got there first. He saw the three of them talking and he watched as she opened her purse. Dace laughed and then Micah said something and they all laughed.   Then she was shaking hands with the two men, presumably having introduced herself.  Dammit, they were touching her.  It was just her hand, but they were touching her!

He hurried over, determined to make sure Dace and Micah didn’t steal her away. Like him and Cole, Dace and Micah shared women and were looking for the one, but he was going to warn them away from… He realized that he didn’t even know her name. He strode forward, determined to rectify that. He could see that Cole was walking with him and paused.

“It’s her. Isn’t it? She’s the one we’ve been waiting for.”

“Yes she is, buddy. Yes she is.”

Just as he got close, he noticed that the dog had taken opportunity of everyone’s distraction to climb up onto the seat of the bench and was finishing Dace’s fries. He had to laugh. The dog was wily, and clearly loved by the woman.

“Again, I’m so sorry, Sheriff. Murphy’s usually such a good dog, but he’s developed a taste for burgers and… Murphy!”


Cole dropped the soap in shock. Jess was standing in front of him. Naked. She was naked in front of him. Naked. In his bathroom. And then she was naked in the shower with him, kneeling.

Oh god, was she going to suck his cock? Suddenly his cock was hard again. He’d planned on rubbing one out quickly, hoping to be able to take his time making love to Jess, but now she was on her knees and…damn. She was just picking up the soap he’d dropped.

But she was still appreciative of his hard cock, which was pointing almost straight up. She ran her free hand over it, squeezing lightly, before she pushed him so that he was turned away from her. Then her soapy hands started running over his back.

She was going to wash his back. Her hands were strong and sure as she massaged the knots from his shoulders and upper arms. Then she paused to soap her hands again and moved lower, massaging his lower back before grasping his ass cheeks.

Oh, god. He was going to lose it right in the shower in front of her, but then she was going slower still, soaping down one leg and then up the other. He had to brace himself against the shower wall so he didn’t drop like a puddle of goo under her talented hands.

As she rose, he could feel her press a kiss against his left butt cheek, and then she bit him. She bit him, and he moaned. He could hear her laughing, and she worked her way back up his body, ending with her front pressed against his back, her arms loosely around his waist, her soapy hands hovering just above his needy cock.

He could feel her cheek and her breasts pressed against his back, her hard nipples rubbing against him. He was dying to take them in his mouth. He’d suckle like a baby, playing with them for hours, licking and sucking and biting until she was begging him to fuck her. But in the meantime, his cock was throbbing and he knew just how to deal with it. If she wasn’t going to give him the privacy to rub one out, then she could help him do it.

Grinning, he gripped her hands and lowered them to his dick, pulling her body tighter against him. It was a sweet agony, feeling her nipples pressing even harder against him, but once he put his mind to something, nothing distracted him. Taking her right hand, he wrapped it around his hard length and tugged. Taking her left hand, he guided it lower until it was gripping his balls. Then, when she was holding them snuggly, he went back to her right hand, moving it up and down his cock, helping her to jerk him off.

She got the hang of it quickly, and he groaned as she, tugging lightly with her left hand even as she moved her right hand up and down his cock, her hold firm as she pushed him closer and closer to the edge, his cock leaking precum from the engorged head.

His balls drew up closer to his body as his cock started to twitch, and then he was coming hard as she milked rope after rope of hot cum out of him, splattering it all over the shower wall.

He closed his eyes and leaned against the wall, but before he was fully recovered, Jess was tugging him back and tutting over him, pushing him so he was leaning with his back to the shower wall.

“You’ve made a mess, didn’t you?”

Grabbing the handheld shower attachment, she rinsed the evidence of his orgasm off the wall of the shower before turning her attention to his body. Carefully she rinsed every inch before moving to his cock. It was already half-hard by the time she reached it. The woman was truly going to kill him, and he was going to die happy. She palmed his cock, grinning down as she watched him grow hard in her hand.

This time, though, he pulled away from her. It was his turn to take charge.

“Hands off, sugar. This time we’re doing it my way, and when I come this time, it’s going to be with my cock buried deep inside that sweet pussy of yours. Any objections?”

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