The Runaway Sub – Libertine Island 3

5 HEARTS: “Libertine Island 3: The Runaway Sub by Diane Leyne is the third installment in her Libertine Island series, which is a spin-off of her Club Libertine series. This is the first of her Libertine Island books that I have read and let me say I was not disappointed. I loved Libertine Island 3: The Runaway Sub. It just may be my favorite one of her books that I have read thus far. I will definitely be reading more of her other books in both series and her other series as well. I enjoyed reading Rey, Caleb and Jen’s story. When Jen agreed to be a bridesmaid for her friend she never expected it to be on Libertine Island. She hasn’t had much luck in love but thought maybe she will have a fling of her own while on the island. That is when she meets Caleb the island doctor. He is intriguing and they agree to a night together. When things progress past the night she is pleasantly surprised. She is also surprised to find out that up until this point Caleb considered himself gay. She wonders about his partner back home and if he is still in love with him, or if there can be something between the two of them. When his partner shows up unexpectedly it complicates things. However, it could be the best thing that has ever happened to her. Has she found the one(s)? Or will she be left out in the cold? Caleb left his town to be the doctor on Libertine Island. In doing so he left his partner and previous life behind him. He has just settled into the grove of things when he meets Jen one of the guest of the island. She is here because she is a bridesmaid in the upcoming wedding. He is instantly attracted to her and it surprises him because he hasn’t been attracted to girls since he was in college. What he finds even more fascinating is how well they match up. She is the perfect sub for him. The only problem in the way is he is not over Rey his ex-partner. When Rey shows up unexpectedly and finds the two of them together, and things heat up and things begin to change. He is not sure exactly where it will go but he is going to enjoy the ride. Will things go back to the way they were? Or will they change for the better? Rey is a hard working detective that loves his sub Caleb. He would do anything for him. He would also do anything to keep him safe, so when he is almost shot outside his clinic he will stop at nothing to catch the perpetrator. He is devastated when he finds Caleb has left to be the doctor on Libertine Island. He is not sure what to do with himself or what to do about it. When he figures that he hasn’t left him for good he decides to go after him. When he arrives on the Island and finds him with Jen he is caught off guard because Caleb has never wanted anything to do with girls before. This could work out for the better, but he isn’t quite sure yet. Will this turn into something good? Or will he find that things are just too different? I really enjoyed Libertine Island 3. It is well written and kept me reading all the way through. I wish there was more to the story. I would definitely visit it again if there were. I liked the characters I think that they all played well together. I think my favorite character was Caleb because he had to discover who he was. He thought he knew but found out there was more than meets the eye. I also like the fact that Jen brought something out in him. I liked Rey as well but I think he had something to learn as well. He had a one track mind and once he got his mind set on something he didn’t gravitate to the left or the right. That can be a good quality however it can be a downfall as well. I would definitely recommend Libertine Island 3: The Runaway Sub to anyone who enjoys reading erotic BDSM romance reads.” — Isis, Sizzling Hot Books

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