Sun, Sand and Submission – Libertine Island 2

4.5 STARS: “Max scared Aly away when he told her about his BDSM activities and wanting her to be his sub. Now 18 months later, she is more versed in the lifestyle through her internet research, and she wants to try again. She fears she has lost max forever, but is willing to do anything to get him back. Max still wants Aly, but is afraid of being rejected yet again. When Aly wants to go to a private BDSM island to assure herself of her friend Rebecca’s safety there, she needs a Dom to take her. Max is the logical choice, so they embark on a learning experience that both secretly hope will result in them being together forever. Sun, Sand and Submission is another in the Libertine Island series, and also quite entertaining. Each book stands on its own, although some characters recur. Pretty good story, likeable characters, well-described initiation into the BDSM community and a nice read for a rainy Sunday like it is here, where I am now.” — Alberta, Manic

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