Charlotte’s Dilemma – Libertine Island 5

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Just when I think Leyne has run out of characters and ideas for her sexy BDSM series, she comes up with yet another interesting boy meets girl scenario. In Charlotte’s Dilemma, Charlotte, weary of war and famine, has left Doctors Without Borders, for a year of fun and sun as a resort doctor on the island. Along the way to her new job she meets JJ, eight years her junior, for a long weekend affair.

However, feeling the age difference is insurmountable, unused to the BDSM lifestyle, and unsure if she wants a boating guy with little income, she breaks off with him.

Charlotte’s Dilemma
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I loved Charlotte’s journey, and was impressed with JJ’s patience and maturity.  As usual, we got re-acquainted with some of the people from previous Libertine novels to find out where they are in their lives, too. I have enjoyed this series a lot, and I hope Leyne keeps finding new stories to add.

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