Libertine Island

me-dl-li-sexonthebeach1 ec-dl-li-sunsand1 me-dl-li-therunawaysub-1

me-dl-li-thepicofsub1 ec-dl-li-charlottesdilemma1

Book 1 – Sex on the Beach – Rebecca is just looking for a place to work on her thesis and some fun in the sun before she settles down to academia.  She falls hard for her bosses Mal and Mike and things are going well until the serpent shows up in paradise threatening Rebecca and all their jobs.

Book 2 – Sun, Sand and Submission – Aly’s best friend is now living on an island with two Doms.  Deciding she needs to go and check on her friend, the only way she can get on the island is masquerading as a sub.  She persuades her ex Max to pose as her Dom.  She doesn’t tell him she’s also hoping to win him back.  Max doesn’t tell her he’s hoping for the same thing.

Book 3 – The Runaway Sub – Jen’s visiting Libertine Island for Aly and Max’s wedding.  There she meets Caleb and the two lonely people find something special.  And then comes Rey who’s looking to retrieve his “Runaway Sub”.

Book 4 – The Picture of Submission – It seems to Maggie that everyone she knows is into BDSM, but while she doesn’t mind playing at submission, she’s not going to do it for real.  But there’s a book about submission that needs a photographer and she really wants the job so she agrees to undergo training.  She’s shocked that her trainer is Chris Hayes who previously rejected her, but on the positive side, his brothers Dalton and Carter will be there to help.

Book 5 – Charlotte’s Dilemma – Charlotte is looking forward to a change.  After five years of working in war zones, she’s now going to be the resident doctor on Libertine Island.  She also thinks a fling with a hot younger man is just the thing she needs.  JJ isn’t looking for a fling.  He’s fallen heard over heals for Charlotte.  Does she take what he’s offering, sure he’s going to leave her one day for a younger woman or does she walk away now and protect her heart?

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