Story and Adult Excerpts

The Librarian and the Dom – Club Libertine 2



So when Mrs. Markinson ran up to her, all breathless and her bun actually collapsing, Lindy was worried.

“Edna, what’s wrong?”

“Lindy, there is the most amazing man at the front desk, and he’s asking for you. He said to tell you he will grovel if you’ll still have coffee with him. The elevator in his building ‘conked out again,’ and he was stuck for almost half an hour. And he didn’t have your number, so he couldn’t call to tell you he was running late.” She looked at Lindy enquiringly. “He’s a very handsome young man. And a very large one,” she added approvingly.

Lindy felt her heart jump in her chest, and a very unfamiliar flutter much lower. He was here. He was really here. All of a sudden, her mouth went dry, and she couldn’t answer Mrs. Markinson. She looked at her friend, stricken. Edna knew all about her dating challenges.

“Is he a friend of yours? You should go have coffee with him, Lindy. He looks like he ran the whole way her and definitely needs to rehydrate. In fact, I think it’s your civic duty to buy him a Gatorade or whatever it is those athletic types drink after a workout.”

“But, but, my break is over.”

“Break, shmake. You never take your full break and always come back from lunch early. I think just this once we can survive without you. In fact, after coffee, if you should decide to have an early lunch, I’ll understand. In fact, if you don’t have lunch with him, I’ll be very disappointed. I’m expecting you to come back with some interesting gossip about your love life. Finally. I’ve been very happily married to Mr. Markinson for thirty-five years, so I’m dying to live vicariously through you. So go have fun.”

“But I barely know him. I only met him last night. I was locking up and carrying a box and tripped and fell on him, and he’s a stranger. I can’t have coffee with a stranger. Besides, it’s your turn for a break.”

“Turn schmurn. I’m giving you my break and I expect a full report afterwards. At my age, you have to live vicariously.”


“Take a chance, Lindy. It’s only coffee, not a life commitment or even sex. Although, if a man like that came here looking for me, I’d be seriously temped to rock his world as the kids say. I’ll be very disappointed if you come back and don’t at least tell me that you’ve kissed him. Although, if you come back and tell me all about your nooner…”

“Edna!” she repeated, half outraged and half amused. Lindy hugged her friend. Edna was right. What harm was there in coffee? She grabbed her purse and threw the strap over her shoulder, and then she smoothed her hands down over her pants. Her palms were clammy. She looked at Edna, half excited and half scared. Edna laughed and gave her a push.

“Go. Have fun. And if you get the chance, jump his bones,” she shouted as Lindy went through the door.

Oh my god. He was standing there, just outside the door. His expression changed from anxious, to pleased when he saw her, to amused when he heard Edna’s words. Linda realized she had two options. One, she could sink into the floor and die of mortification, or two, she could see the humor in it and laugh. She saw his face and picked door number two.

His smile grew broader as he reached out and gave her a big hug, nearly lifting her off the ground.

“Sorry, but since you’ve already been in my lap, I figured we’d progressed past the polite handshake.”

“You mean since I nearly squashed you.” She laughed as they walked out the front door. “I’m just not used to being picked up like that. I’ve always been the ‘big girl.’” She used air quotes.

He stopped so abruptly she bumped into him as she followed him down the stairs. He turned back to her, and with her one step up, they were almost eye to eye.

“You will not put yourself or your body down, do you hear me? I will not allow it. I think you are perfect, just the way you are. The last thing a guy my size wants is a woman who is going to break in two when he squeezes her tight. If I hear you put your body down again and refer to yourself as a ‘big girl’ in that tone again, I’m going to put you over my knee and spank you like the child you are being.”




Then he flipped her over so she was sitting in his lap, her ass pressing against his hard cock. Then he leaned in and kissed her. No, it was more than that. He plundered her mouth, taking, invading. She held on to his broad shoulders and surrendered to his invasion, her tongue tangling with his until he moved to her neck and then down to her shoulder.

He reached down and tugged on the hem of her sweater, pulling it up and over her head, but he didn’t pull it off her arms. Instead, he pulled it down so her arms were trapped in the sweater behind her back. She was helpless, laying there in his lap. He could do anything he wanted to her, and she couldn’t wait.

She expected her bra to go next, but he was taking his time. He looked his fill, first. She was glad she had chosen her favorite sexy bra, with its lace and low demi cups that gave her amazing cleavage and displayed her breasts almost down to the nipples. She saw the desire flame higher in his eyes, and she felt powerful and womanly and sexual. She wanted his hands and his mouth on her breasts. She thrust them at him.

“Slow down. We have all the time in the world.”

He trailed one finger down the side of her neck to her clavicle and below. He reached the cup of her bra. Very delicately, he traced the edge from one side to the other, only slipping under the edge when he neared a nipple. He dipped his finger, flicking the rock-hard nipple and then pulling out and continuing. Then he looked her in the eyes and reached down, pushing one cup and then the other below her nipples, but not undoing her bra. Her breasts now sat on the shelf created by her bra, sticking straight out, almost offering her nipples to him. The nipples puckered even more, hardening almost painfully, waiting for him to touch them.

Finally he leaned down and drew one nipple into his mouth and sucked, hard. Then he opened his mouth wider and took the whole areola and part of her breast into his mouth. He suckled hard. She could feel the moisture pouring out of her.

She almost whimpered in frustration when he removed his mouth, but then he took the other breasts in his mouth and suckled again. She had trouble staying still, and she wanted to touch him, but her arms were trapped. She struggled with the sweater, almost crying with frustration.

“Please, Jake, Sir. Please let me touch you,” she begged.

Pleased she’d remembered to call him Sir, he relented and pulled the sweater off her arms. She responded by running her hands over his shoulders and chest and rib cage, basically, anywhere she could reach. Then she leaned down, without thinking, and took one of his flat man’s nipples into her mouth and suckled.

Jake started, surprised at how pleasant the experience was. No other woman had ever cared about his nipples.

But now it was time to go the next step. He shifted her in his lap and, with his free hand, slid one big finger under the edge of her panties, skimming down toward the apex of her thighs, but not yet parting her folds. He looked at her inquiringly. Shyly, she nodded.

He didn’t hesitate. He dipped one big finger between her pussy lips, running the rough pad of his finger lightly over her clit. She moaned, so he did it again. And then his finger dipped lower, sliding right into her pussy. She jumped at the unexpected invasion, talking a second to adjust. She was aroused and swollen and very, very wet. So he added a second finger. She seemed to like it, her hips pushing against his hand.

He moved them in and out a few times, using his fingers to stretch her wider before adding a third finger. He loved the little mewing sounds as she tried to rub her clit against his hand. He obliged, using his thumb to rub the swollen nub had he fucked her with his fingers. Harder and harder he pumped, feeling the small tremors that preceded a climax. Then, when he judged the time right, he curled his fingers forward, rubbing them against the sweets spot inside her pussy.


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