The Librarian and the Dom – Club Libertine 2

4 KISSES: “Jake Hughes feels his routine at Club Libertine is getting old, being the ‘go to’ Dom for necessary discipline. Wondering if he’ll ever get his own submissive again, he rescues a lady one night as she stumbles with a box of books. Introducing himself, he finds out his damsel in distress is a librarian by the name of Lindy McNeil. Sensing a strong connection to her, Jake pursues Lindy and gets her to agree to date him. Is Lindy the woman he’s been looking for? I enjoyed seeing Jake fall in love with the lovely Lindy in The Librarian and the Dom, the second book in Diane Leyne’s Club Libertine series. Jake is a little rough around the edges after having been honed by many years of being a most sought after dominant in his community. He’s known for his skill with the whip, bringing the most petulant submissive to her knees. A widower for some time, he notices the men around the BDSM club finding their forever mates and longs to find his lady. As soon as Jake helps out Lindy, he feels a pull towards her. Instinctively knowing she’s an innocent to BDSM, Jake’s got a sneaking suspicion this shy librarian is a submissive at heart. Unwilling to take no for an answer when asking her out, Jake starts to date Lindy, rocking her world. While he comes clean about being a Dom, Jake doesn’t share his specialty for whipping women to her, afraid she’ll run for the hills. Lindy is intrigued with Jake’s revelations and wonders if all the BDSM stuff she’s read in her erotic novels is true. Jake helps her to realize her potential as his submissive in The Librarian and the Dom with explosive D/s scenes. While a willing participant, Lindy is no pushover, surprising Jake by her actions when they visit Club Libertine. These actions cement their budding relationship, making me feel this couple was meant to be together. I love the universe you’ve created, Ms. Leyne, and can’t wait to see more of your yummy Doms fall for their submissives in your next Club Libertine story.” — Victoria, TwoLips Reviews

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The Librarian   and the Dom
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