The Dominant’s Guide to Owning and Training a Sex Slave

Abby Smith writes erotic ménage romance in her spare time but has never experienced it. Doctors Dex Maplethorpe and Pat McGrath hire her as their research assistant, but haven’t told her that they are also hoping to fill the position of permanent submissive.

Because Abby’s spending the summer in London, the three of them have to do their research planning via Skype. By the end of the summer, Abby’s in love, but she’s convinced the hot doctors would never be interested in a plump, older woman.

Back in Seattle, Abby’s best friend Lindy convinces her to visit Club Libertine, where Abby’s two worlds collide when she sees Dex and Pat there and realizes that they are Doms. Soon, she finds herself under contract to the hot docs for one month of training they dub, Submission 101, but will that be enough?


The Dominant’s Guide to Owning and Training a Sex Slave – Direct Buy Links
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