Reviews – Submission for Skeptics – Club Libertine 7

5 STARS: “Submission for Skeptics by Diane Leyne is a wonderful addition to her Club Libertine series. I have read several books by Ms. Leyne and she has never disappointed me. I know that her books will not only entertain me, but will move me emotionally. Such was the case with Submission for Skeptics when I was pulled into the story from the first page. I found myself getting lost in the book, forgetting my surroundings and focusing solely on the story. Kris grew up in an abusive household and now has to watch her older sister repeat history. She swore that she would never allow herself to be abused by any man. So when she is invited to cover the launch of a book glorifying BDSM, Kris is determined to speak her mind. The launch party is held at Club Libertine, a notorious BDSM club. Kris is surprised to see her neighbors, Damon and Brad, at the party. She knew they were lovers but did not realize they lived the D/s lifestyle.  Damon and Brad offer to teach Kris about the lifestyle so that she can better understand a D/s relationship and write an article explaining how BDSM is not abuse. The story played right into my own questions about BDSM. How can you let someone cause you pain? When does it cross the line into abuse? How can it possibly be consensual? Why would you let someone who supposedly loves you hurt you? Ms. Leyne answers all these questions as part of the story. As Kris learned, I learned. As Kris accepted, I accepted. As Kris yearned, I yearned. In fact, Submission for Skeptics portrayed a D/s relationship with such love and caring that I actually found myself jealous of Kris. Damon and Brad were fascinating characters that I wanted to get to know better. Brad is a macho, muscular, firefighter, yet he is the submissive to Damon’s dominant. Why? How does being submissive provide Brad peace and security? Damon is the intellectual, a college professor. Yet this seemingly mild-mannered man loves to dominate. It’s always fun to see stereotypes turned upside down. The sex scenes were so much more than just sex. The love between the three leads was evident in every words and every touch. Even when Brad or Damon was spanking Kris, you could feel how much they cherish her. And even though each man was focused on their woman, they never lost their own connection. Ms. Leyne packs a lot into this novella. I really enjoyed watching Kris grow and learn the power of submission. Though Damon, Brad and Kris were strongest when together, I loved the relationship each had with the other. I’m not usually a fan of M/M relationships, but Damon and Brad had so much love for each other that I even enjoyed the scenes just between the two. Submission for Skeptics can really be read as a standalone. However, once you’ve read it I wouldn’t be surprised if you decide to go back and read the others. Ms. Leyne is that good. I know that I can’t wait to read the next one in the series.” — Robin, Sizzling Hot Books

5 STARS: “Kris Comisky undergoes sub training after insulting a room full of Doms.  She does it so she can write an article about her experience and to clear up the misconceptions about the lifestyle.  Her friends Damon Redmeyne and Brad Martin volunteer to train her in hopes of Kris seeing them as more than friends, they want a permanent relationship with her. Kris has a family history of domestic abuse and has trouble dealing with her feelings as she undergoes training. Can Kris let go of her past to embrace what she finds with Brad and Damon? Submission for Skeptics is the seventh book in the Club Libertine series by Ms. Leyne. While this book is part of a series it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone novel. Once I started reading this book I had a hard time putting it down. I loved this book, even more than the other books in the series. I like how the author addresses the misconceptions about the BDSM lifestyle as she tells the story.  She does it in a way that feels natural and does not interrupt the flow of the story. Kris had had a rough life. She has watched her sister and mother abused by men they loved. She does not want to fall into that trap and make the mistake her mother and sister made. In her want to protect women from abuse, she makes an assumption that BDSM is abuse. Damon and Brad have loved Kris from afar. They have not pursued her because of her past, afraid she would flee. Once they are given an opportunity to see where a relationship might go, they take it and run with it. The chemistry between Brad, Damon and Kris is explosive, with sizzling hot sex scenes. The trio fit together in a way no one seemed to expect. Overall, this was a hot and sexy read and I hope we get to see more of these characters as the series progresses. I cannot wait for the next book.  ” — Arianna Bolger, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

5 STARS: “I do like this series for the most part, and we met Kris in the last Libertine book, when she dissed the BDSM lifestyle, in a high profile book signing taking place at a BDSM club. Kris’ history has a boatload of domestic abuse in it, with her mother and sister being abused by her father and brother-in-law, and her brothers also abusing their wives. Kris has left home to avoid the same fate, and has been disowned by her family as a result. So Kris equates the lifestyle with domestic abuse, until she meets a few people who try to set her straight (or should I say, ‘set her kinky’?). She desperately wants to make it up to her new friends by using her freelance reporting contacts to do a series of stories on the differences, but first she has to give herself over to a Dom who can teach her what that difference is. Coincidentally, her upstairs neighbors are Damon and Brad, who are in a D/s relationship and they want to be her Doms. She is afraid at first, and needs to let go of a lifetime of fears and mistaken beliefs before she can be with them. I liked the way Submission for Skeptics was interwoven with Kris’ sister’s abuse problems, so she could actually see the difference first hand. Like all the previous Libertine books, if BDSM is your thing, you’ll like this one too. I liked that it’s a little different take on boy or boys meet girl and fall in love and into BDSM together.” — Alberta, Manic Readers

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