Story and Adult Excerpts


Submission 101 – Club Libertine 8


“Dr. Maplethorpe, Dr. McGrath, thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me, virtually, that is. I really appreciate your taking the time to… um… see me.”

Lame, she told herself. She had to be more assertive and say what she meant.

She took a deep breath and started to speak. She stopped as Dr. McGrath seemed to be choking on his drink. She could only watch helplessly as Dr. Maplethorpe patted his colleague on the back until the coughing subsided.

“Are you okay, Doctor? Maybe we should reschedule. I mean, I really want to work under the two of you but…”

She watched as he started choking again and moved away from the screen and this time Dr. Maplethorpe seemed to be affected as well.

“Maybe we should postpone…” Now neither of them were in view. She wasn’t sure what to do so she waited and in a moment, Dr. Maplethorpe resumed his seat.

“No, please, Ms. Smith. Please go on. I’m fine and I’m sure Dr. McGrath will be fine in a few moments.”

“As you can see by my resume, I’m highly qualified for this position. I’m trained, I’m knowledgeable and I’m hard working. And I’m highly motivated. I need this job, Sirs, and I’ll make sure you aren’t sorry if you give me this opportunity. Like I said before, I’d love the chance to work under you both.”

* * * *

Pat choked on the Diet Coke he’d just taken a swig off. Damn. She’d just read his mind. He’d like her to work under him too. Looking at the tenting in Dex’s pants, he’d had the same thought.

He resumed his seat and started to zoom the camera in again to get another close up of those luscious tits when he caught a few words of what she was saying.

“Are you quoting Diary of a Maiden Lady? Almost no one reads that anymore.”

“I saw the reference in a footnote in your doctoral dissertation, Dr. McGrath…”

“Pat, please. And he’s Dex.”

“And I’m Abby!” She grinned and it just lit up the computer screen and his cock which swelled uncomfortably in his pants. He couldn’t imagine what it would do to him in person but he was dying to find out. If she smiled like that all the time, he might end up walking around with a permanent hard-on, but it would be worth it for another glimpse of the smile.

“Dr. McGrath, I mean Pat I looked it up, just as I read Dr. Maplethorpe’s excellent thesis on symbolism in Victorian Erotica. Both of those works actually inspired me in my own work. I, er, I do some fiction writing on the side.”

“You didn’t secretly write Fifty Shades of Gray or something, did you?” Pat teased. He was pleasantly surprised to see her blush. It started at her neck and went up and down. He’d love to see just how far down it went, but that would be inappropriate, a word Pat vastly disliked.

Abby Smith, on the other hand, Pat liked. She was funny once she relaxed and extremely smart. She had all the qualifications they were looking for and then some in the form of an excellent set of breasts and the sweetest smile Pat could remember seeing. When she got all nervous as he teased her, he found he wanted to hold her close and reassure her, tease her some more, and fuck her brains out. As they were talking via Skype, only the middle option was available, and if they hired her, the last option would be more difficult but not impossible as the university allowed faculty to date.

He was ready to hand her the job. He looked over to Dex and nodded. Dex nodded back and Pat smiled with relief!

“Well, if we haven’t scared you off, Abby, the job is yours.”

“Are you sure?”

She leaned forward, her lips parted, her face anxious and her tits pressed together as she had placed her hands on either side of the monitor as she leaned forward.

Pat swallowed and had a hard time speaking. Luckily Dex was there to jump in and close the deal.


Pat watched her hurry toward the bathroom he’d indicated. She had the most magnificent ass. He was counting the days, hell, he was counting the hours until he could sink his cock into it.

Once the door closed, he moved to strip the covers off the bed and he knocked on the bathroom door where Dex was.

“I’ve given her ten minutes to freshen up and then get back in bed and wait for us. I’m heading to the bathroom down the hall. I’ll be right back.”

Before he could move, the door opened.

“You can use this one. I’m done here. I’ll head downstairs and get some water. We don’t want to get dehydrated.”

Pat watched Dex walk out of the bathroom, totally unselfconscious in his nudity. It had been weird the first time they’d been naked together outside of the locker room, but they had been sharing women and getting naked in front of each other since college and no longer really noticed it. Pat entered the bathroom and closed the door. He saw the damp towels and decided that a quick shower was a good idea. He finished in record time and set about shaving his morning beard. He was amused to note that Dex had laid out a fresh razor, shaving cream, and a hand towel. He knew that it wasn’t for him. He wondered how Abby would react to having her pussy shaved.

He thought for a moment before opening the bottom drawer and getting out the package of butt plugs he’d recently purchased. Removing them from the package, he washed them all carefully and then put them all back except for the smallest, which he wrapped in a washcloth. Then he added a tube of lube. He’d been dreaming of taking that ass, and he wasn’t going to wait to start stretching and preparing it.

When he walked back into the bedroom, he could see that Dex had already tied Abby’s hands to the bed frame and blindfolded her. He looked over at Pat and indicated another set of restraints he was preparing. Pat walked around to the other side of the bed and set down the items he was carrying. Then, at the same time, they fastened a wide black band around her upper thigh and then pulled it back and to the side before fastening it to a thin chain. The result made Pat’s dick throb as he looked down at Abby’s spread thighs. He could see her pulling on them, trying to close them but not able to. And he could see the moisture seeping from her open pussy. She was turned on. He wanted to lick her slit, but now it was Dex’s turn to play.

Pat slipped into the bed beside her. While her thigh pulled up and back, it was in the air. He positioned himself on his side, her thigh pressing down against his hip. He ran his hand down the tender flesh of her inner thigh and heard her gasp.

Moving so his mouth was beside her ear, he started whispering. “So how to you feel, pet. Vulnerable? Exposed?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You’ll feel even more so in a few minutes. Dex is going to shave that pussy of yours. We want to be able to see everything.” He could see the heat in her cheeks. She was embarrassed by the thought of being shaved by Dex. That would pass. She would become used to them looking at and touching every square inch of her body.

“Relax, pet. Learn to enjoy it. This is going to be a regular activity while you are under contract to us. And next time, I get to do it.”

He heard the sound of the shaving cream being dispensed and looked down to watch Dex rubbing it gently over Abby’s mound and between her legs. Pat’s cock twitched at the sight. Moving slightly, he pressed it against her hip.

“I am so damned hard, I’m ready to come at the sight of your naked pussy. In future sessions, you’d be sucking my cock while Dex fucks you, but since this is our first time, we are going to take turns fucking that hot pussy of yours. After Dex cleans up the shaving gear, he’s going to slide inside you while I play with your tits and watch. And when he’s done, I’m going to take his place inside you. What do you think of that, Abby? Do you like the thought of being taken by two men?”

Her only answer was to moan. He ran his hand over her stomach and felt her ab muscles clenching. “And once we are done, we’re going to give you a bath, and then I’m going to shove a butt plug up your ass. I’m going to increase the size every day until you are ready to take my cock. I’ve dreamed of fucking that magnificent ass of yours. And then one day soon, you’ll be able to take both of us, one in the ass and one in the pussy. What do you think of that?”

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