Submission 101 – Club Libertine 8

5 STARS: “Always enjoy Leyne’s work, whether it’s the Club Libertine series or the Libertine Island series. This one has a bit different take, as Abby is an erotic BDSM author, who quite successfully writes under a pen name, while she completes her Master’s degree. She takes a research job with academics Dex and Pat, who are into the lifestyle, and looking for a woman to share. They’re pretty sure that woman is Abby, but who can tell, with her prim and proper manner, and her baggy, unflattering clothes? They don’t want to rush her, or scare her with their predilections in the bedroom. When they accidentally find out she writes BDSM, it’s full steam ahead for them to claim her. However, there are problems with that, as Abby has never even been to a BDSM club, has never submitted to anyone, nor even been spanked. How, then, will the men approach her? We see quite a few of the stars of previous Libertine novels, which is always fun, just like catching up with old friends. There are motivations and goals shared, but lots of conflict getting to where they all want to be, which is a HEA. Submission 101 is a hot read for a cold winter’s night or a rainy weekend.” — Alberta, Manic Readers

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Submission 101
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