No Accounting for Love – Club Libertine 3

5 KISSES: “Asked to get the books of Club Libertine in order, mild mannered accountant Andie Cooper wonders what she’s agreed to. Walking into the BDSM club she runs into part-owner Duncan Rider who offers to show her the ropes acting as her Dom for the night. Will Andie take a walk on the wild side and find her inner submissive? Diane Leyne pens a tasty BDSM novella in No Accounting for Love. Andie is my kind of heroine, a risk-taker even though life hasn’t been kind. Deciding to take a personal risk to help the BDSM club get its finances in order, nonetheless she’s filled with trepidation. Gun-shy around men having been through a demoralizing divorce, she’s glad Duncan is so warm to her. Not having a clue about what makes the club so lucrative, she’s grateful of Duncan’s offer to usher her around the club to learn about D/s. Placing a temporary collar on Andie, Duncan hopes the hidden submissive in her will consider becoming his sub. Andie feels like a kid in a candy store within Club Libertine giving Duncan hope. He slyly watches Andie’s reactions to the various scenes which provide him with a lot of kinky ideas. When work takes the two of them on a field trip to stake out potential Club Libertine locations, Duncan wastes no time with Andie. He fuels her fantasies, pushing her boundaries to what could be possible for them forever. While Duncan brings her to heights of ecstasy she never felt was possible, Andie still feels she’s not worthy of a man such as him. Believing in love at first sight, Duncan knows Andie is the one for him and is heartbroken when she abruptly leaves him. Oh how I love a strong, yet vulnerable man. Finding Andie, Duncan lays his soul bare, proving his love, making her cast her doubts away. I sighed when I finished your No Accounting for Love, Ms. Leyne, and can’t wait for your next adventure because I know some of your Doms are still waiting to find their perfect mates.” — Victoria, TwoLips Reviews

4.5 STARS: “Andie Cooper is an accountant that works for one of the owners of Club Libertine. She is asked to work on the club’s books to get them on track if the plans to expand are ever to happen. Andie is shocked and intrigued by what she finds inside the walls of the club with part owner and Dom Duncan Rider. Letting her guard down against Duncan would be a huge mistake, especially since their attraction is explosive. Can Duncan and Andie find happiness together before her insecurity ends their relationship before it begins? No Accounting for Love is the third book in the Club Libertine series by Ms. Leyne. While this book is part of a series, it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone novel. I really liked this book more than I thought I would. Andie comes across as the typical accountant, all buttoned up and uptight. However, underneath is a vixen just waiting to come out! Andie has a very open personality and a nonjudgmental attitude that is a great asset in life to have. Duncan is not just a part owner, but also a Dom at the club. It’s apparent that he is attracted to Andie. Duncan is a hot and sexy man who does the right thing. I loved that he collared Andie without her even realizing the significance of it. The chemistry between Andie and Duncan just boils over, they are made for each other and their sex scenes were out of this world. I did not want this story to end as soon as it did. This series keeps getting better with each book that comes out.  Ms. Leyne does not disappoint!” — Arianna Bolger, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4.5 STARS: “Leyne is a fairly recent addition to my reading list, and I have enjoyed a couple of her series. In this series, a BDSM Club in Seattle is the scene for several Doms to find their loves and subs. Each story stands alone, although there are often recurring characters. Each book in the series has a very different but interesting scenario between the lead characters. In No Accounting For Love, Andie is an accountant hired by the club to straighten out their finances, set up systems, and assist the management in expanding their clubs to other cities. She works with Duncan, the club manager, and although she is attracted to him, she believes she is frigid, and will always be alone. Therefore she is not only afraid to be with Duncan at all, she is deathly afraid of her feelings toward the BDSM aspect of her job. All of these books are short, and can be read in an afternoon, which I recommend for anyone seeking to learn more about BDSM, as Leyne seems to be well versed in it, or has done a huge amount of research.” — Alberta, Manic Readers

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