Story and Adult Excerpts

Cin’s Secret – Club Libertine 4



“Surprise!” Cindy walked over to her big sister. “Congratulations.” She hugged her sister tight. At first Lindy just stood there, stunned, and then she hugged her back fiercely.

“Oh my god. I can’t believe you are here. How are you here? I wanted to invite you, but I didn’t even know where to send the invitation.”

“I showed up on what used to be your doorstep, and Serena took pity on me and invited me to stay and swept me off to the ball.”

Lindy laughed. “That sounds like Serena. Does this mean you are back to stay?” she asked hesitantly. “And where were you? One day you were around, and then you were gone and no one seemed to know anything. I got your letter, so I knew you were okay, but it didn’t really tell me anything.” She looked her sister up and down. “You look terrible. How much weight have you lost? I always thought you were too thin before, but now…” Her voice trailed off, her tone worried. The old Cindy would have bitten her head off for any real or perceived criticism.

“Yes. I’m back. To stay. And one day, I’ll talk about the last three years. And yes, I am too thin and I am trying to gain some weight back, although tonight I was too nervous to eat. I wasn’t sure if you would want to see me here.”

Lindy swept her into another hug. “You are my sister. Who else would I want here? And who else will be my Maid of Honor?”

“Really? But…”

“No buts. I’m in love with the most amazing man in the world, and now my long lost sister is back to share my happiness. Let’s not look back. And speak of sharing my happiness, I want you to meet my fiancé Jake Hughes.”

Cindy looked up at Jake. He was the spitting image of that actor who played that werewolf on the television show about vampires. And he was at least as tall. Cindy estimated he was at least six foot five. Lindy was wearing heels and still shorter than him. But even more than the fact that they were fitting together heightwise, Cindy could see the happiness radiating from her sister.

“Nice to meet you, Jake. I’m Cindy, and if you hurt my sister, I’ll hunt you down and stab you through the heart.” She smiled her brightest smile at him.

Jake looked at her for a moment and roared with laughter.

“I like her, Lindy.”

“Me, too.” Cindy turned to see Connor approaching, a glass of champagne in his hand.

“I promised you a refill.”

Cindy turned to take the glass. She looked at Connor, puzzled, but before she could figure it out, another hot blond joined them. An identical blond as a matter of fact. It seemed like Connor had an identical twin. She could feel the desire rise inside her at the thought that popped into her mind of being sandwiched between the two of them, their hands roaming over her body. She shook her head to clear the idea from her mind, although she planned on revisiting it when she was alone in bed tonight.

She looked from one to the other. They were dressed identically, but something was off, and then it came to her.

“So, do you always trade identities, Connor?” she asked the latecomer.

“He’s Connor. I’m Liam.”

“I can’t be 100 percent certain of your names. Maybe you were calling yourself by his name earlier, but you”—she took the glass—“are not the man I was introduced to earlier.” She pointed to his brother. “He is.”

She looked from Connor to Liam, or maybe it was Liam to Connor, not quite understanding their dazed expressions.

“Forgive them,” interjected Lindy with a laugh. “You are the first person besides Jake here who can tell them apart. Even their parents were never sure.”

“Surely not. It’s pretty obvious which is which.”

“It’s obvious to me, too.” Jake shrugged. “Not to change the subject, but I will, how long do you plan on staying?” he asked.

“I’m planning on settling here for good. As I said, Serena’s offered me the spare bedroom. I’ve got a research job lined up starting Monday, and I’m going to try to do some writing. Eventually, I should be able to get my own place, but right now Serena’s spare room is just what I need.”

Just then, Zack and Serena joined the group. She smiled. “Speak of the devil.”

“We’re heading back to the city now. Did you need a ride?”

“I do, actually. Lindy, you finish up celebrating with your friends. You know where I’m staying. And I’ll be working from home, setting my own hours, so I’m free whenever you can fit me into your schedule. Give me a call and let me know what time is good for you.”

“How about lunch tomorrow? I’m working the last shift from two to nine. Maybe you can help me with some of the wedding planning. Jake thinks I can put together a wedding in less than a month. I’m so glad you are here. I really need you, sis.”

Cindy felt herself tear up.

“Thank you. I’d really love that. Now go home and get some sleep. You look exhausted.”

Cindy felt herself being led away, her feet moving reluctantly. She looked back at the little group. She waved to her sister, but then she saw Connor and Liam looking at her, staring intently. She felt a shiver go down her back. Those were the looks of men with a mission. They wanted her, and she felt an answering pull of desire deep in the pit of her stomach.




“Have you ever tried it or just read about it?” His eyes narrowed as he watched her intently. She seemed to know a lot for someone who had just read a few books. Liam looked at her closely. He realized she was blushing. If it was just books, she’d read more than just a few dirty books. The term “power exchange” wasn’t something found in the more popular literature. It was a term that only someone who’d done some serious reading would likely have come across. He realized he was even more intrigued.

He looked over her head to Connor who glanced up at him. His brother’s expression mirrored what he felt. Liam looked back down at Cindy.

“Answer the question,” he demanded in a stern Dom voice to test her reaction to being commanded by him.

“Just read.” She couldn’t believe how tentative and breathy her response was. She felt her respiration speeding up, and her nipples get even harder, so hard they pushed out the fabric of her bra and top. The tone of his voice turned her on. She looked from man to man and saw that their gazes were locked on her breasts. There was a curl of lust in her stomach and a rush of moisture between her legs.

“Take your dress off. Now,” demanded Liam suddenly. He looked at Connor who looked back at him, shocked, worried, anxious, aroused. Liam found his heart was beating hard in his chest. Was he pushing too hard, too fast?

He had to suppress a triumphant grin when he saw her hands go to the hem and pull it up. Liam reached down to help and the dress was halfway over her head before she hesitated. Both twins tugged it the rest of the way off, eyes locked on her breasts being displayed in her low-cut bra.

Cindy swallowed, making her breasts move up and down. She realized that both men’s eyes were locked on the swells of her breasts, and she suddenly felt powerful. They both wanted her. She could do this. A night of mindless sex was exactly what she needed to take her mind off what she’d come home to do. And a night of mindless sex with two Doms would mean that she didn’t have to worry about what she should do or touch or kiss or anything. They would command her and she could just turn off her brain and enjoy.

Connor watched her internal struggle and could see the exact moment she made her decision, when her body relaxed and he knew that she wanted them. He had to try to get himself under control. He was a Dom. He had to start as he meant to go on.

“I want to see your tits.” Connor’s voice sounded strangled. “Show them to me.”

She went to reach behind her to unclip her bra when he stopped her. “I said show them to me, not take off your bra. Show them to me. Reach into your bra and pull your tits out so I can see them.”

Now she was really turned on. Being commanded was just as incredibly sexy as she’d imagined it when she was consuming those novels on her e-reader.

She did as he asked. No, she did as he demanded. Her nipples now so tight they were almost painful. A moment later she was moaning as the two men lowered their heads and sucked a nipple into their mouths. She almost came at the first strong suction, she was so turned on. The onslaught of sensation almost overwhelmed her. Liam’s mouth was aggressive, pulling her nipple and surrounding areola into his mouth and biting down gently on her nipple as he tugged it with his teeth. Connor was much gentler, licking and sucking and caressing. The contrast of the sensations was almost more than she could bear. She found herself moaning and writhing, desperate to have more. She wanted a hand or a mouth on her clit and a cock in her pussy.

“Please.” Liam’s right hand moved between her legs, pressing against the fabric of her plain black panties. There was some friction on her clit, but not enough. Connor moved upward and captured her mouth with his, his tongue hard and invasive, demanding she submit. At the same time, Liam’s busy hand reached under the elastic of the waistband and slid inside. She felt his big finger go straight to her clit and rub lightly against her.

The beginning of an orgasm rippled through her and she started moving helplessly against his hand to get him to rub harder. She tried to angle her hips to encourage Liam to shove his fingers inside her. The small ripples started moving through her body. And then nothing. She was sitting between them again, and they’d pulled back.

A blush rising, she started to put her breasts back into her bra and jumped when they both grabbed a hand.

“Did we give you permission to hide your tits?” Liam’s voice was hard and demanding and the crude words caused an intense flash of desire, and her panties dampened and her clit started to throb harder.

“Hands at your sides or we’ll tie them there. Would you like that?” Cindy moaned in response, but she put her hands down. She thought she just might like it if they tied her up. But now she was frustrated. She had been damned close to coming, just from them sucking on her nipples and a little petting. She’d never been so easily aroused. And she was still breathing heavily, and she could see that they were, too. She was pleased that they weren’t unaffected by their make-out session, but why did they stop?


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