Reviews – Cin’s Secret, Club Libertine 4

5 KISSES: “Feeling she needs to atone for the way she cruelly treated her sister, Cindy McNeil knows it’s time to stop running. Going to her sister Lindy’s apartment in Seattle, Cindy is prepared for Lindy to kick her to the curb. Instead of an instantaneous reconciliation, Cindy meets one of Lindy’s friends who tells her she can attend Lindy’s engagement party that evening. At the party, Cindy is shocked to see it is a D/s event and is immediately attracted to twins Connor and Liam O’Hara. Wondering what BDSM is all about, Cindy promises to be their submissive for one night only, figuring she’ll be leaving town in the morning. Will Cindy find out one night isn’t enough and want to stay? Diane Leyne packs a lot of story as well as erotic heat into her fourth Club Libertine novel, Cin’s Secret. I loved meeting the ‘other’ sister, Cindy McNeil, in this novel and watch her make up for her past. Cindy knows she was rotten to Lindy growing up and instead of facing the problem head-on, runs away to a foreign country. While there, Cindy grows up and realizes she must apologize to Lindy. Finding out Lindy isn’t at her apartment throws a wrench in her plans, but she puts her agenda aside to wish her sister happiness during her engagement party. The meeting between the sisters is short lived because Cindy quickly garners the attentions of the dominant twin duo, Connor and Liam. Thrilled she can tell them apart, they feel she may be the ‘one’ for them. When Cindy tells her Doms-to-be she can only be with them for the night, they leap at the chance thinking they can change her mind with their BDSM play. The trio spend the night in a blistering ménage which made me long to be the filling between this twin sandwich! Walking out of their apartment the next morning, Cindy doesn’t recognize she’s falling back on familiar patterns. Speaking with her sister, she finds out the men are crazy about her and want her in their lives. Lindy forgives her sister readily and can understand the need for Cindy to publicly admit she was awfully wrong. When Cindy is reconnected with the twins, they communicate how hurt they feel she left them and feel a punishment is in order too. I loved how Ms. Leyne was creative in dealing out Cindy’s punishments, first with regards to her sister then her Doms in Cin’s Secret. While Connor and Liam are carbon copies of one another, each man has a separate talent. Connor is the artist of the family who loves dishing out corporal punishment while MBA-holding Liam is wicked with a crop. Make no mistake about it—both are singularly devoted to fulfilling Cindy. Ms. Leyne, bring on Zack’s story because I want to see the youngest Dom of the O’Haras find the woman of his dreams.” — Victoria, TwoLips Reviews

5 STARS: “Cin’s Secret is the fourth book in the Club Libertine series by Diane Leyne. Cindy is a very strong character to make the decision stop running and face her past. The chemistry between Cindy, Connor and Liam is scorching hot, with beyond steamy sex scenes. I enjoyed that the men were very vocal about what they wanted, except that they claimed her without really talking to her (though Cindy didn’t put up a fight). I like that she was very upfront with Connor and Liam in the beginning of the book, even though they did not want to hear it. The only thing that puzzled me was Lindy’s terms to forgive Cindy. It was as if she had thought everything out before she talked to Cindy and she was waiting for Cindy to bring up the past. Overall, this was a wonderful book with a great storyline, and I wish Cin’s Secret was longer! I cannot wait to read the next book in the series.” — Arianna Bolger, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4.5 STARS: “Cindy has hurt her sister Lindy over and over, and after the latest transgression, she was so ashamed she went abroad with Doctors Without Borders for the last three years, paying penance. Now she’s back, and wants to make amends to Lindy, but first she has to come to terms with herself and learn to love not only her family, but the twins, Connor and Liam, owners of the Club Libertine. She isn’t sure she can do any of that, but with the twins’ determination, and Lindy’s love, she wants to give it a try. As with all the Club Libertine books, Cin’s Secret is hot, hot, hot. There is an excellent heroine’s journey, and a HEA ending.” — Alberta, Manic Readers

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