Changing the Rules – Club Libertine 1

5 STARS: “What a great book. The author did such a great job of pulling me into the characters lives. I found myself feeling the highs and lows right along with them. The men make mistakes throughout the story but always realize the error of their ways. And I really love that Michelle is strong enough to walk away and change the rules to get the men that she loves.” — Theresa F, Julie’s Book Review

4.5 STARS: “Long ago, when they were struggling college students, Mac and Michelle became lovers. At one point he invited his best friend Sean to join them in a ménage, which Michelle enjoyed, but later she decided that kind of relationship wasn’t for her, and she left. Now, the only thing forcing her to return is the fact the men hold the mortgage on her grandparents’ land, and she needs to pay off the loan. However, the men aren’t going to allow her to merely pay money. They want her as their submissive for a month before they will tear up the deed. She reluctantly agrees, even though the D/s lifestyle turns her on. However, just like before, she runs away from them. Now the game is on, as they try to win her back, but this time it will be on her terms not theirs. I liked Changing the Rules. I liked the twist at the end. The book wouldn’t have been nearly as good if Michelle had merely given in to the two men and lived happily ever after.” — Alberta, Manic Readers

4.5 KISSES: “Michelle Edwards loved being Mac Whelan’s girlfriend, living with him and his best friend Sean O’Mally. One night Mac brings Sean into their bedroom and the three have a ménage. Michelle enjoyed having two men but began to feel guilty because of her upbringing. Abruptly fleeing the house, Michelle left behind two brokenhearted men. Over the years, she’s tried to put the past behind her but Mac and Sean are still in her heart. Ten years have gone by and when Michelle is contacted by the men, she cannot believe their proposition. Will Michelle agree to be their willing sub for a month to save her grandparents’ home? Diane Leyne kicks off her promising new Club Libertine BDSM series in Changing the Rules. As soon as I met Michelle I immediately connected with her. Homeschooled and raised by her grandparents, Michelle is a fish out of water with men. She can’t help but be attracted to Mac and Sean when she meets them. Mac and Sean have been connected at the hip from childhood and are the best of friends, often sharing their women. Both find Michelle definitely desirable but know she’d never be up for the two of them in her bed. In a very inventive way, Mac wins the chance to get to know Michelle better and wastes no time making her his girlfriend. One night, the three engage in a ménage which leaves Michelle very emotionally troubled and as a result, she packs up her things and disappears. When Mac and Sean find out about Michelle’s departure, it breaks their hearts. They vow to get over her but never really do even though they’ve built a lucrative empire and have women throwing themselves at them to satisfy their kinky needs. When the opportunity to have Michelle back into their lives again presents itself, the men leap at the chance to either get her out of their system or make her their treasured submissive. They’re surprised at the ‘new’ Michelle who has turned into a spitfire, deftly negotiating the terms of their arrangement. Mac and Sean are intrigued by Michelle and wonder if they can make things work out a second time. While dominating Michelle and taking her to new heights sexually, the men hold back their hearts, unsure of what will happen after their contract is up. I loved Ms. Leyne’s smooth writing style as she wove the past into the present in Changing the Rules. Mac, Sean, and Michelle were young adults when they met, full of life’s baggage. Instead of talking things out, they let their emotions get the best of them and this led to Michelle’s departure. With time, Mac and Sean matured in their outlook, realizing how their relationship went wrong. It takes powerful people to admit their mistakes and I enjoyed Mac and Sean’s honesty with Michelle. The D/s scenes between this trio were panty-melting hot especially when they visited Club Libertine. I’ll never look at the game of rock, paper, scissors in the same way again, Ms. Leyne, and I can’t wait for your next installment in your series.” — Victoria, TwoLips Reviews

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