Loved by Wolves – Call of the Wolf 3

5 STARS: “Always enjoy Leyne’s stories, and Loved By Wolves was a very interesting take on shifters. Penelope knows she loves her shifters, Kent and Tucker, and John and Jack, all firefighters she has grown up with, and they love her. They are all living together and enjoying explosive sex, but for some reason, they don’t seem to be able to finish the Mating Ritual. They keep trying everything they can to complete the ritual, because without it, they can’t have children, and Pen, as a human woman, can’t keep up with the sexual appetites of her four men. If they were mated, she would be able to do both. When Oliver comes to town, Pen is attracted to him, and he to her, but he’s a human too, so why is that happening? I liked the mystery of the elusive Mating, and I liked all the characters. The sex is amazing and the determination of all five men to make their mate happy is very satisfying. Keep up the good work, Diane!” — Alberta, Manic

4.5 STARS: “The first two chapters the author gives the reader a glimpse at the history/background of Penelope and her shifters at the failure of attempts to have a “True Mating” four years earlier. Chapter three reads as present day…Oliver comes to town…As your read it you can sense something is gonna happen or will happen…But what? This was a unique ménage paranormal story with twist and turns some expected and others not so much. Some lines in the book were humorous to read. Quirky characters that will have you wanting to devour the story…The overall story was great.” — Beckey White, BTS Book Reviews

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