Story and Adult Excerpts

Desired by Wolves – Call of the Wolf 2


“Damn it, Joe.” Will sat down on the couch in their office and bent over, his head in his hands. “I thought the fact that she was here on a full moon night meant something.”

“Me, too.” Joe’s tone was a bleak as Will’s own as he sat on the chair in front of the desk, leaning back and staring at the ceiling. “She never goes out on a full moon night, ever. And she never lets us come to her either. But she was here in Lupo’s, and I thought it was significant, but I guess she was just here for Samantha.”

“Yeah, she tried to tell us that when she first arrived. And she was quick to shoo us away from her table when Sam, Ginger, and Pen arrived, but, I don’t know how much longer I can take this half relationship. I want a commitment. Sure the three of us have hot sex frequently as long as it isn’t a full moon, but that’s not enough anymore. I want marriage and a family.”

“Me, too, .” Joe chuckled. “I may be turning into a woman, but I don’t want to just be used for sex anymore. We’ve been more than patient. She’s thirty-one. We’re thirty-one. None of us are getting any younger. If she won’t commit to being mated to us, then we need to move on.”

“Easier said than done. You know it’s in the blood. Deep inside, we know she’s our mate and she knows we are her mates. It’s not like she’s been seeing other men or other wolves, except, of course, as patients. And she’s free with her body when she’s with us, although that doesn’t happen as often as I’d like. She just won’t commit emotionally. She still holds part of herself separate.”

Joe and his brother looked up when the man sitting behind the desk chuckled. It was a sound without much real mirth in it. He looked a lot like them. He was tall with the same green eyes and dark hair as Will and Joe, but where their hair was shaggy and unkempt, his was militarily short and it was shot through with gray at the temples. He was older than them, too, only by four years, but he had the eyes of a man who had seen too much that made his seem much older than his years.

“Alex, ,” Will snapped. “You caused all this. If you had just let us mate her properly back when she was willing, we wouldn’t have this problem.”Will’s tone was accusing.

“The three of you were barely twenty-one. I was twenty-five and shipping overseas for god knows how long, and there was no certainty I was ever going to come back. I made the right decision. Should I make a recording and play it for you whenever you try to go over this old ground yet again?” Alex’s tone was hard and flat. He’d had this discussion with his brothers and himself many times, and he wasn’t going to budge from his position. He couldn’t budge from that position. It was hard enough as it was not being with his mate, but if he admitted that he made a mistake all those years ago, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to deal with the knowledge, so he deliberate refused to consider the possibility. He couldn’t consider the possibility.

“As it was, I didn’t come back in quite the same condition as I was when I left.” His hand went to his left leg automatically. The damage to his hip and the leg muscle was extensive. They told him he was lucky to walk again, but he wasn’t sure that it was luck, more like a punishment, to make him half the man he was and unable to either do the job he loved or be with the woman he also loved.

“Is that why you refuse to see her and just lurk in the dark like the god damned Phantom of the Opera?”

Alex could hear the irritation in Will’s voice.

“You think I should be wearing a mask, little brother? I thought women liked scars?”

“Nah. You’re no uglier than you were when you left. But you have been back for a week and never leave the house in human form.” Will’s voice was now more worried than irritated.

“I’m here, aren’t I?”

“Yeah, but only because you thought Lena wouldn’t be here.” Joe wasn’t letting Alex off the hook.

“You told me she never went anywhere on a full moon night.” His eyes narrowed. “Was that a lie to get me here? Did you think that if I saw her again, I’d suddenly change my mind and rush out and sweep her off her feet?” He laughed again with no mirth in his tone. “You know, if I tried that, I’d end up flat on my ass. The crippled veteran making a fool of himself over a woman who would probably spit in his face.”


Alex felt his body arching up from the bed, and Lena sucked hard on his cock as if she was trying to draw the cum out of it through sheer determination. Pleasure shot through him that was almost electric in its intensity. And when she started moving her mouth up and down on him, he had to concentrate hard not to lose control and cum in her mouth after sixty seconds like some goddamned teenager.

He gritted his teeth. His first time with Lena in a decade and he wanted to cum deep inside her pussy, not her mouth. That could wait until the second, third, or fourth time he came inside her tonight.

“Please, I need to be inside you.”

“Relax and let me have my way with you.”

“Later. Please, Lena. This first time, I need to be inside you. Please, I’m begging you.” He had no pride any more. Pride had cost him ten years with the woman he loved. He’d done what he thought was best without asking her what she wanted or needed because he’d been the alpha and he believed it was his right to make the decision for them all. He’d been a fool.

He saw Lena look up at him. She had one hand wrapped around his cock. There gazes locked, and she deliberately licked the length of his cock as if it was a particularly tasty lollipop. Then she grabbed a condom that he hadn’t noticed her putting on the bed and slowly rolled it onto his cock, but not before giving it one last lick.

He lost the power of speech from the pleasure of the moment. All he could do was beg her with his eyes. Alex heaved a sigh of relief when she released his cock and moved to position herself so that she straddled him, her pussy hovering over his cock. He tried to flex his hip and push his cock up into her, but the scarves prevented him.

He growled with frustration as he continued to try to reach her with his cock.

“You’re not going to shift on me, are you?” Lena teased. “Because if you do, I’m out of here. I don’t do interspecies love.”

And then he saw her expression change. It turned serious as she reached between her legs and gripped his cock, guiding it as she slowly lowered her body onto him, not stopping until he was fully embedded inside her warm, tight pussy.

It was like he was finally where he was supposed to be. He leaned back and let the sensation wash over him and threw him. He felt more at peace than he had in years.

“No incipient panic attack?”

He paused to think about it. Nope. Nothing. Usually he could feel the pressure build long before they hit, but the only pressure building inside him now was in his cock. Was sex with Lena the secret to staying calm?

“Not even a twinge. Just the feeling of bliss at being inside you again. But I do have to warn you of something.” He deliberately made his expression solemn.

“What’s wrong?”

“I feel it only fair that I warn you that once you start to move, I’m going to last about sixty seconds max before I explode.”

“That’s okay.”

“Baby, I wanted to do better our first time. I had the whole thing choreographed in my head, and it didn’t include shooting my load before getting you off.”

“Well, if you do that, then I guess I’m just going to have to suck you hard and try again, and if you don’t last the second time, we’ll just have to keep repeating the process until I get to ride you long and hard enough to come myself.”

Alex felt like his eyeballs were going to roll back in his head as he exploded inside her just from her words. Damn it. She hadn’t even moved. He groaned in frustration as he saw her laughing at him, and then he laughed, too.

He stopped laughing when she leaned forward and slid up his body and off his cock. He felt her breasts and her hard pointed nipples pressing into his chest and she pulled herself up so that right boob was level with his mouth. Eagerly, he latched on, suckling strongly. It tasted like heaven. All too soon she pulled it out of his mouth, but that was okay because she leaned the other way and offered him her left breast. He worshiped this one, too, with his lips and tongue and even his teeth until he had her moaning with need.

She pulled away, looked over her shoulder, and then turned back with a smile.

“Seems like you don’t need me to rev your engine. I can see you’re ready for round two without any assistance.”

“What can I say, Lena. I’ve got ten years of fucking to make up to you.”

“You romantic, you!”

Alex laughed and flexed his hips.  “Take me inside your tight pussy and fuck me!  I need to get inside you.”

“And you don’t need to do it all in one night.”

“I’ve got to get in all I can. I have a feeling that after that operation, I’m not going to be able to perform again for a while. Baby, if I could, I’d spend the next week buried inside your pussy.”

He watched her blush and grinned up at her.

“Do you want me to untie you?”

“You realize that once you do I’m going to flip you onto your back and fuck your brains out for the rest of the night?”

“I certainly hope so!”

“Well, then, as long as you’re on board with the program, I’ll let you take charge this last time. Ride me hard, baby, because once I’m free I’m not going to stop until I’ve made up for some of those lost years.”

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