Claimed by Wolves – Call of the Wolf 1

5 HEARTS: “Samantha Anderson’s grandmother knows that she missed out on learning about an important part of her family and herself while her mom and grandfather were alive. But she’s determined to make up for it, and makes it her last wish that Samantha go and spend at least the summer in a small town called Harmony. Pack alpha and eldest brother, Gabe McAllister, had planned to convince the new owner of the Daniels property to sell the land to him and find a different spot to vacation, but as soon as he sees and smells her, he knows that he’ll be working to get her to stay instead. The only problem is she’s human and has no idea about shape-shifters. Samantha finds herself surprisingly drawn to the small town and her new friends, but maybe most surprising is her instant attractions to all five of the hunky McAllister brothers. Maybe this is her chance for a summer fling. The brothers know that they have found the mate for all of them, they just need to find a way to convince Samantha. This was a really good book. It was fast-paced, funny, and sexy as all get out. Man, do those McAllister brothers heat up the pages. They are definitely your dominant alpha men, who have met their match with Samantha. I think what makes this book believable is the sense of humor that is woven throughout the story just as much as the heat between them. It somehow pokes just enough fun at the situation they all find themselves in that you could see it happening just that fast. Plus oh my goodness the sex scenes. This was a great book to read and by the end you find yourself really wanting that happy ending for Samantha and her men. It’s also listed at the first book in the Call of the Wolves series and I can’t wait to read more.” — Amy Hopkins, The Romance Studio

4 ROSES: “Claimed By Wolves by Diane Leyne is a delightful paranormal romance – a tasty nosh of five hunky werewolves, one spunky heroine and some hot, steamy ménage. Before Samantha Anderson’s grandmother died, she made Sam promise to spend a summer in Harmony to learn about Sam’s family heritage. Sam’s grandfather was a werewolf and Harmony is the community he and other wolves created together. Soon after arriving in Harmony, Sam meets Gabe McAllister, mayor of Harmony and a werewolf. Sam is surprised by the magnetic pull she feels from Gabe and his apparent dislike of her. She also meets both sets of his twin brothers, Eddie and Andy, and Bart and Nick, and finds herself also attracted to them. All five McAllister brothers recognize that Sam is their mate though only Gabe is reluctant to claim her. The brothers make a plan to woo Sam separately before introducing her to the concept of mating with all five brothers. Sam finds herself falling in love with each brother for their unique and individual personalities. She also makes some new female friends and begins to see a future for herself in Harmony. Ms. Leyne smartly avoided the typical human reaction of disbelief to the concept of werewolves by having Samantha already aware of their existence. In fact, Sam’s triplet older brothers are werewolves and she has seen them shift often. This ensured that Sam’s reaction to and acceptance of werewolves was realistic and believable. It also helped explain Sam’s easy acceptance of a sexual relationship with all five McAllister brothers. It seems that in this werewolf folklore, brothers share one wife. The love story between Sam and her men included some very spicy sex. I mean what women wouldn’t love five handsome men concentrating all of their efforts on pleasuring her. I really enjoyed Sam as a heroine. She is a confident woman who has no problem standing up for herself or going after what she wants. She is irritated when she realizes that Gabe is using his wolf persona to spy on her. Her revenge provides many laugh out loud moments. Be on the lookout for an especially hysterical scene where she takes her new “pet” to the vet for shots and neutering. Claimed by Wolves appears to be the first in Ms. Leyne’s Call of the Wolf series. There were so many intriguing secondary characters that she certainly has many possibilities for more books. I am especially interested in learning more about Sam’s triplet wolf brothers. Hopefully we won’t have to wait long.” — Robin, Sizzling Hot Books

“This was a really good book. I love the story and can’t wait for more. I can already see some of the other women in the town and how there stories may or may not come to be(hoping). I am wondering who will get Sam’s Brothers?? If you love shifters and menage this is so the book for you. Characters you fall in love with and sex scenes you can swoon over! Thanks for the awesome read and please keep me in mind for the next in the series!” — Julie Ramsey, Julie’s Book Review

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