Call of the Wolf


Book 1 – Claimed by Wolves – Samantha is visiting Harmony to honour her grandmother’s last wish that she learn more about her family’s heritage.  She doesn’t expect to meet 5 wolf-dog shape-shifting brothers who recognize her as their Mate.  Alpha Gabe certainly doesn’t expect to fall for a human and decides to spy on her in his wolf-dog form before they reveal their secret, to hilarious results as he finds out that Sam isn’t a woman to be trifled with.

Book 2 – Desired by Wolves – Lena loved the James brothers and was devastated when Alpha Alex walked out before they could do the Mating Ceremony.  Now she’s back in Harmony working as a veterinarian.  Alex is back too, but the wounded war vet is in pain and suffering.  Lena’s the only one who can help him, but can she do it without losing her heart again?

Book 3 – Loved by Wolves – Penelope and her wolves have always known they loved each other, but they’ve been trying for five years to complete the Mating Ceremony so they can start a family and so that Penelope can handle the demands of four wolves, but it just won’t work.  The monthly trials and failures are taking a toll on their relationship.  Is it time to move on?  And then there’s Oliver.  He’s human and a doctor.  Does he hold the key to their unsuccessful mating?

Book 4 – Taken by Wolves – Ginger had no interest in dating wolves, but that was before the Anderson triplets show up in Harmony and sweep her off her feet.  They are looking for a serial arsonist who is targeting shifter-owned businesses.  Is Ginger at risk?  Can her wolves get to her in time?

2 responses to “Call of the Wolf

  1. Will their be another book to the story

    • Hi, Ana. There are currently 4 books in the Call of the Wolf. There won’t be any more in this series, but I’m starting work on another shifter series. I’ll post here when it’s ready!

      Thanks for asking!

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