Crawl for Me – Excerpt


“Seriously, Sandy. I read this book. Oh my God, the guy was into something called puppy play and it was so hot. He made his girlfriend crawl around and bark and stuff. It was so kinky and hot. I’d totally like to try it, once, at least. But that’s neither here nor there. I don’t have a boyfriend, and as for Mr. Sexy Pants McKenna, men like that don’t notice women like me, not even if I crawled naked into his office and barked. I’m just one of his many adoring minions who haven’t a hope in hell at getting him to notice us. As far as I can tell, he never fucks his staff, ever. I know it’s a sign of integrity or something, but I wouldn’t have minded sex on his desk falling under other duties as assigned on my job description, but that opportunity is going to be gone forever. Only half a day of work left and then I’m no longer employed by McKenna Industries.

“Well, I’ve got to go. The rest of the staff will be back from lunch soon, and I need to look busy. Maybe we can do lunch next week before I start at Carrington?

“Great. Talk to you Monday, Sandy.”

Lida slowly put the phone back in its cradle and turned her chair back to her computer monitor. It was only then that she felt… something. Frowning, she turned to her left.

Him. He. Uh oh! He was standing there, leaning against the file cabinet with his mouth twisted into a wicked grin. She immediately dropped her eyes from his penetrating gaze. How much had he overheard? Oh God. Did he hear her talking about wanting to bed him? What about the puppy play thing? Thank goodness it was her last day, otherwise she’d have to quit because she’d be far too embarrassed to look at him again. Lida stared at her computer screen, hoping the ground would open up and suck her down.

No such luck.

Dave McKenna himself walked toward her and placed a small rectangle of paper on the desk in front of her. “I would notice you, you know, if you crawled naked into my office. But then again, so would my staff. Besides, as you noted, I never fuck anyone who works for me. It isn’t professional. Anyway, as hot as sex on my desk sounds, it’s not the right venue for what I have in mind. Let’s say tomorrow, eight AM. My place. That is, if you meant what you said. Or are you all talk?”

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