Elephant Nature Park, Thailand

One of my favourite places in the world, Elephant Nature Park near Chiang Mai Thailand (http://www.elephantnaturepark.org).

Like them on Facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/TheElephantNaturePark

I visited “Elephant Nature Park” for a single day, the first time I went to Thailand.

(Noteworthy, we arrived the night of the big tsunami.  We were fine, but some parts of our trip had to be modified.  Our travel agents we Bangkok were amazing.  We told them we just needed a place to sleep and we didn’t care where, as long as we caused them the minimum of work because we knew how busy they were.  They rerouted us to Chang Rai for 2 nights and then 3 on the “other” coast that was not impacted by the Tsunami.)

The Thai people we some of the most amazing I’ve ever met, but the most memorable part was the trip to the Elephant Nature Park http:/www.elephantnaturepark.org  

These elephants didn’t do tricks or perform.  The elephants get to be elephants.  No shows or rides or anything.  Tourists get to watch them just be elephants.  Oh, yes, you do get to hand feed them, go for a walk surrounded by elephants and give them their bath.  You can visit for a day or a week or more.  I visited only for a day the first time I went, but returned the next year to spend 2 weeks as a volunteer elephant helper.  A magical place.

Enjoy the photos.

Copy (2) of IMG_0043b Copy of IMG_2427 Copy of IMG_2433 IMG_2208 IMG_2499 Copy of IMG_2122 IMG_2329 IMG_2069

Copy (2) of Copy of IMG_2158 Copy (2) of IMG_2122 Copy of IMG_2129 Copy of IMG_2966 IMG_2201 IMG_2459 IMG_2561

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