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Finding Satisfaction – in USAToday!

Guess what!! “Finding Satisfaction, Satisfaction Texas book 1” is featured in USAToday’s listing of new Erotic Releases!
Jess is a woman on the run with her dog and $100,000 in stolen drug money.  She ends up in Satisfaction Texas in the a…rms of rancher Murphy Smith and blacksmith Cole Reacher, but her dirty cop ex is on her trail.
“Finding Satisfaction” – Get it now at

Check it Out: Taken by Wolves in USA Today

Check it out!  “Taken by Wolves” is one of the new erotic released mentioned by USA Today!

Book four of the Call of the Wolf series. Ginger had no interest in getting involved with wolf shape-shifters, but that was before the Anderson brothers arrived… in town. Their budding romance, however, is interrupted by the brothers’ hunt for an arsonist who is targeting shifters who may be based in Harmony, possibly even someone Ginger knows. She wants to help with the investigation, but things aren’t like they seem, and when Ginger is kidnapped it’s up to her wolves to rescue her. Or is it?

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