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Do you prefer Paperbacks or eBooks?

Good news.  Not only are “Sex on the Beach” and “Sun, Sand and Submission” available in paperback from Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but I just got the cover for “The Runaway Sub” which will be available soon in paperback from both sources!


Claimed by Wolves – Now available as a Trade Paperback

Samantha was spending the summer in Harmony at the request of her grandmother. She didn’t expect to be pursued by five shape-shifting wolf-dog brothers who recognize her as their mate. Alpha Gabe is concerned because Sam’s human and doesn’t want to reveal their secret until he learns more about her, so he decides to spy on her his wolf-dog form, to hilarious results as Sam puts him on a leash, feeds him kibble and takes him to the vet.

For those who prefer traditional books to eBooks, Claimed by Wolves is now available as a Trade Paperback at Amazon:  and at Bookstrand: