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Review: Sex on the Beach

Head on over to Julie’s and check out this 5* review of Sex on the Beach!!

Then catch up on the happenings on Libertine Island in preparation for “Running from Satisfaction” when Candy heads to Libertine Island with Tait and Aaron (and a killer) hot on her heels!

Dave & Lida 1: Turning Tricks ON SALE NOW

Yeah!  Dave & Lida 1:  Turning Tricks, on sale now!

Lida Lawrence needs $1,500 fast or she’ll be evicted after her ex walks out leaving her broke and desperate. There is only one thing she can think of doing that will get her enough money in time, so she heads out to the Hotel Carrington looking for a businessman willing to pay for some companionship.

Dave McKenna is a salesman from out of town. He is lonely and bored. Lida picks him because he seems like a nice guy, but once she gets up to his room she finds out that Dave isn’t quite as vanilla as she thought. He offers her the whole $1,500 for a single night of pleasure and pain, but can Lida give him what he desires?

AMAZON US REVIEW 5* “This is one hot little read! I loved how the entire story was put together. Dave and Lida were such great characters and I just loved the ending! I was a little shocked how it ended. Great start to a great series!”

AMAZON UK REVIEW 5* “I had to check this one out. How could you not with a cover like that? Read this over lunch and thoroughly enjoyed it. There’s a delicious Twist I didn’t see coming at all, and that made the story for me”




A wonderful review of “Claimed by Wolves” from The Romance Reviews

A wonderful review of “Claimed by Wolves” from The Romance Reviews

The first book in this shifter series is an erotic adventure that arouses curiosity and stimulates the senses. Visiting the Northwest to learn about her family’s heritage, Samantha is surprised by her immediate attraction to the five McAllister brothers. The brothers have decided to claim Samantha as their mate even though they will have to share their secret with her. What they don’t know is that Samantha has a secret of her own.

This fast-paced plot keeps the readers shivering with anticipation and intrigued with five sexy brothers as they try to woo their mate. The author brings the story to life with vivid imagery and details that capture the imagination and send the senses tingling. The strong compelling characters are easily related to and grab the reader’s attention from the very beginning. The concept of one woman having five mates is an intriguing one and the author has added her special spin to the possibility, which adds spice to the story.

The attraction between Samantha and the brothers is combustible from the first meeting and the frequent sex scenes are scorching hot, including scenes of m/f/m scenes, anal sex scenes and m-times-5/f scenes. The relationship, while full of erotic sex and romance, also has lots of chuckles as the brothers set about wooing their intended mate, which by the way I thoroughly enjoyed, especially their approach on how to do said wooing. But nobody said that wooing was going to be easy or that it would automatically work either, because it’s all up to Samantha to decide if she wants to share five sexy shifters forever.

I was thoroughly entertained from beginning to end with this enjoyable and erotic story, and the captivating characters and the town full of wolf shifters is fascinating. I can’t wait to read the next one in the series.

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TRR Review – Finding Satisfaction – 5 *

Book Reviewed by Evampire (reviewer)

[ Review Posted: Apr 15, 2014 ] – See all my reviews
FINDING SATISFACTION is a thrilling and action-packed erotic romance that keeps the reader on their toes.A woman on the run with her dog and a hundred thousand dollars in stolen drug money, Jess Archer hides out in Satisfaction, Texas, and finds herself in a menage with Cole Reacher and Murphy Smith. Their happiness however is short-lived when Jess’s ex-boyfriend, Detective Lance Dent, tracks her down, looking for the drug money and her drug-sniffing dog.This fast-paced and riveting read keeps the adrenaline pumping with lots of suspense, action, romance and erotic passion. The tension builds throughout the story as Jess tries to hide why she’s on the run and the danger escalates. The author uses well written words and details to paint vivid images of the scenes that capture the imagination and make the reader feel as if they are part of the story. The characters are strong with charismatic personalities that draw the reader into the story and keep their attention to the very end.

Jess’s attraction to both men explodes from the pages with vibrant intensity and the frequent sex scenes scorch the reader with red-hot passion, including menage and anal sex scenes. The romance happens rather quickly, but these two dominant males know what they want and Jess is the one they have been looking for, of course they have to keep her alive if they want to keep her.

I was captivated by the story from the very beginning and the author spiced things up with some surprises and some humorous moments that caused a few chuckles. The action scenes were believable and well-timed, making it easy to get caught up in the danger and the explosive passion between this threesome, which stimulates the senses. The story also introduces some more intriguing characters that I would like to read about, so I can’t wait to read the next one.


Featured Book: the story behind “Claimed by Wolves”

I have a confession to make.  I’ve never used to be a fan of paranormal romances.  I didn’t actually dislike them, but they weren’t my thing.   One of the problems I’d always had with the paranormal, whether it was in books or movies, was how easily the heroine (and it usually was the heroine) accepted the presence of supernatural beings.

But I was finishing up a book and thinking about what I wanted to write next when this scene came to me, complete.  It was like I was just taking dictation as I typed. So my idea was to write about people who already knew that wolf-dog shape-shifters existed.  Except, I realized, the heroine wasn’t going to admit it, at least not at first.  And so I wrote one of my favourite scenes ever as Samantha plays along when Gabe shows up in his wolf-dog form to spy on her.  This became the central scene of “Claimed by Wolves” which became book 1 in my “Call of the Wolf” series.


Reviewers seem to like it too. Check out these review excerpts or follow this link to the full review:

This was a really good book. It was fast-paced, funny, and sexy as all get out. Man, do those McAllister brothers heat up the pages. They are definitely your dominant alpha men, who have met their match with Samantha. I think what makes this book believable is the sense of humor that is woven throughout the story just as much as the heat between them. It somehow pokes just enough fun at the situation they all find themselves in that you could see it happening just that fast.— Amy Hopkins, The Romance Studio 

I really enjoyed Sam as a heroine. She is a confident woman who has no problem standing up for herself or going after what she wants. She is irritated when she realizes that Gabe is using his wolf persona to spy on her. Her revenge provides many laugh out loud moments. Be on the lookout for an especially hysterical scene where she takes her new “pet” to the vet for shots and neutering. — Robin, Sizzling Hot Books

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Story and Adult Excerpts

STORY EXCERPT – Claimed by Wolves, Call of the Wolf 1

She’d stopped to check out some of the books on display and had bumped right into a rather large man coming from the opposite direction.

He had quick reflexes and had saved her from tumbling over and righted them both. Samantha found she had to look up at the buff young man, not that he was too young. He looked to be in his mid or maybe late twenties and clearly worked out at the gym whose logo was prominently displayed on the tank top he was wearing.

She had to force herself to step back. Reluctantly, the stranger released his grip.

She looked him up and down. From the distance of a few feet, she could see that his top also displayed his nicely sculpted arms and hinted at a six-pack. Above the top, she could see an easy grin, short sandy hair, and blue eyes. He had a nice smile and wasn’t shy about using it. She wondered if he was single. She wasn’t looking for a relationship because she planned leaving when the summer was over, but maybe a fling?

But then it hit her. For a second after they’d bumped, her nose had been buried in his nicely developed chest. He was wolf.

“Andy McAllister.” He held out his hand and waited.

“Samantha Anderson.” She held out her hand, and it was quickly engulfed by his larger one. She could feel a snap of electricity and almost tried to pull her hand away.

“Nice to meet you, Samantha Anderson. New in town?”

“I’ve living at what I understand is called the Daniels place.”

She watched his eyes narrow as he processed this information. Then his grin returned. “Then you’ll be staying in town. Great. Might I suggest a trial membership here at Bodies in Harmony. Not that I’m implying there’s anything at all wrong with your body, not in the slightest. You clearly work out and have done a superb job. I’m just suggesting that if you plan on living here, our club would be an excellent place for you to visit. In fact, I’d like to offer myself up as your personal trainer.” He grinned expectantly. Samantha found herself grinning back.

“I’m guessing you are one of the owners.”

“My twin brother Eddie and I own the place. And I’m sure Eddie would love to meet you, too. Perhaps we could both train you?” He winked at her.

Samantha felt her mouth go dry. Surely the very nice young man wasn’t suggesting what she thought he was suggesting. Maybe she would have that fling. And if his brother was as cute as he was, maybe she’d go wild in Harmony.

Just then, the door to the gym opened. Out came two men. One looked to be about the same age as Andy. They weren’t identical, but they had the same coloring and build. This clearly was his twin Eddie.

The other man was a little bit older than the other two, maybe midthirties, and whereas the twins smiled winsomely at her, this new man glared. . Big brother Gabe?  There was definitely a family resemblance. He had thick dark hair that was almost to his shoulders. His features were not conventionally handsome, but he had a magnetic presence. And he looked like the big bad wolf as he stared at her.

“Eddie, Gabe. Meet Samantha Anderson. She’s staying at the Daniels place, and I’m trying to convince her to come work out at Bodies in Harmony. Ed, I told her we’d both be happy to train her.”

“Oh, absolutely, Miss Anderson.”

“Please, all of you, please call me Samantha or Sam.”

“Well, Sam. Welcome to town and to Bodies. Anytime you want a joint or even a private training session, please give us a call. We’d be glad to oblige. How long do you plan to stay in Harmony? A good long time, I hope.”

She smiled. She could see they were all anxious to hear her answer, but whereas the twins looked like they were interested in her as a potential conquest, Gabe looked angry. She decided to play with him. “Well, I bought the place, actually. I came into some money and wanted to get as far away from Florida as I could, for reasons I would rather not discuss.” She smiled inwardly as she could practically read the thoughts running through each of their minds as they assumed she’d had a love affair gone bad. “Anyway, Mrs. Daniels had this, she described it as a vacation cabin that sounded wonderful.  I came into a small inheritance, and one thing led to another and here I am.”

“And how glad we are that you are here,” declared Eddie. “Right, Andy?”

“And what about your friend here? He doesn’t look glad I’m here.”

“Oh, Gabe. Ignore him. He’s always grumpy.”

“Calm down, boys. Give her some breathing space.” His voice, like his hair, was darker than the others’, but he was clearly related. His voice was similar, but deeper and harsher. He was taller than his brothers, but of a more slender build. He clearly didn’t spend the same amount of time in the gym as they did, but she’d bet he looked pretty fine under his clothes. His hair was jet black and a bit long like he needed a trim but just couldn’t be bothered, but he had the same intense blue eyes as his brothers.

And even from this distance, she could sense wolf. But the scent was different than his brothers’. It was stronger, more primal. She didn’t just recognize it but she felt it calling out to her on a primitive level. She’d found his brother, well, both brothers actually, attractive, and she’d already toyed with the idea of a fling, but now that she’d met Gabe, she realized that she felt desire, and that alarmed her. She’d just met this man, hadn’t spoken with him or touched him, not even his hand, and she realized she was afraid to. Something about him, either the man or the wolf, called to her on a level that she didn’t even want to think about.


The sun went behind a cloud, and suddenly she found herself shivering. She swam over to the edge of the pool. Gabe came forward and held out a hand. She let him help her out of the water but then wasn’t sure what to do next. She knew she was standing in front of him almost naked, and her nipples were hard, poking through the sheer material of her bra, and not totally because of the cold.

* * * *

Gabe stared at her amazing body, his cock aching to be inside her. When he’d been in wolf form, he’d had to leave so as not to show how much her near nakedness had affected him. As a man, he didn’t have to hide it. He knew she saw his arousal, and she wasn’t backing away.

She was wearing a delicate pink color that had become transparent in the water. He could see her nipples as tight as berries, jutting out against the fabric and the dark curls at the juncture of her thighs. He didn’t know where he wanted to put his mouth first, but he knew he had to touch her, and he knew where he wanted her mouth.He reached out a finger to gently flick one of her erect nipples.  She froze as if waiting for something.  He closed his entire hand on it, enjoying the feeling of the hard tip pressing against his palm.

He waited, half expecting her to push him away.  Looking over at her, he could see that her eyes were half closed and her breathing had sped up.  He reached out to cup her other breast.  He heard a hitch in her breath and then felt her lean in to his touch.  He gently squeezed her breasts, his thumbs rasping against the nipples through the transparent fabric.

He felt his cock grow even harder, straining against the fabric of his pants.  He saw her glance down and her eyes widen as she took in the size of him.  He released one of her breasts, reaching down to take her hand and place on his cock, pressing her palm against it.  He felt her gripping him lightly and held her hand, tightening and moving it up and down over his length and he tightened his grip on her breast.

Just then, she shivered. He wasn’t sure if she was shivering with desire or from the chill of standing there in her wet clothes.  He dropped the blanket he was still holding and reached out, pulling her close, his body heat chasing away the cold as he rubbed his hands up and down her body briskly until she was starting to warm up. Then his hands settled on her ass, pulling her close to him, pressing her against his erection, letting her again feel how much he wanted her.

Then he waited. As much as he wanted her, he was giving her the choice.

* * * *

She knew he’d leave her alone if she wanted him to, but she found that she didn’t want him to. He was waiting for a sign from her. She shouldn’t feel as close to him as she did. This was technically only their second meeting, but she’d spent two evenings with him in wolf form, and maybe that was why she felt so close to him.

All she knew was that she wanted him, all of him.

“Why are you still dressed?” she asked, her hands going to the hem of his T-shirt. “You are making me feel self-conscious.”

“Can’t have that.” He slipped his tee over his head, kicked off his shoes, and removed his pants. She found herself staring at his beautiful torso, well muscled but lean with defined pecs and a six-pack of abs she longed to run her fingers over. His torso was covered with a light furring of hair, but not too much. Just a dusting on his chest leading down to the treasure trail below his navel that then led to his very impressive equipment that was clearly fully ready for action.

And now suddenly she was the overdressed one. She reached for the fastening of her bra, but he stopped her.

She was surprised when he didn’t remove it himself. Instead, he moved away from her, but he was just picking up the blanket and spreading it carefully on a grassy spot out in the sun. She watched his tight buttocks as he walked away from her, and then when he walked back toward her, her eyes were riveted by his huge erection bobbing with each step.

She fought to tear her eyes away from it, looking up. The look of intent in his eyes scared her a bit, but she wouldn’t break eye contact.

He smiled and reached out a hand to cup her breast briefly before reaching behind her to unfasten her bra. Then he led her over to the blanket, urging her to her knees. She slid down gracefully, looking up at him with hungry eyes.

Happy Birthday to Me!! Contest

January 17th is my birthday and I decided to give myself a present.  Do you know what authors love to receive?  Reviews.  So here’s the deal:

Over the next week and a half (until my birthday), if you leave a review either on Bookstrand or Amazon, you get entered in my drawing.  Because you have to actually purchase a book in order to review it on Bookstrand, you get two contest entries for every Bookstrand review you leave and one entry for every Amazon review.   When you are done, just leave me a comment either against



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The Grand Prizes:  1 Amazon gift card valued at $25 US (or if you prefer, the equivalent at your local Amazon, just let me know which currency you prefer), 1 $25 US Bookstrand gift card.

There will be a minimum of 10 additional prizes of 1 eBook of your choice from my back list.

The contest will close at midnight on January 18th EST and on January 19th (unless I have technical difficulties in Cabo, in which case it will be January 25th), I will RANDOMLY choose the winners.

Good luck and thank you!

Wonderful 5* Review of “Desired by Wolves”

Nanee’s Review:

Another Sexy as hell story from Diane Leyne. I absolutely positively love Alex! I felt for him so much in this book, I cried along with him, I wanted  to hug this big bad alpha who feels like half a man and scared shitless  to be without his mate the rest of his life but scared also of being  with  her. I cannot say enough about Alex this war hero who is in  excruciating pain everyday and feels so alone. Lena I love too I mean  who doesn’t she’s awesome..she takes in a stray dog that’s injured,  she’s a vet and she’s the mate of three wolf shifter brothers but the  mating was put off when Alex re enlisted. Will and Joe are sexy as hell  and dying to claim their mate but they have to wait until the Alpha mans up…a lot of emotions in this book, happiness, sadness, joy and love.  What a great book. This one is my fav so far and can’t wait to read  more…. 5 stars

5* Review of Submission for Skeptics

Check out this great review from the wonderful folks at Sizzling Hot Books!

and get your own copy of Submission for Skeptics at:


Submission for Skeptics by Diane Leyne Series: Club libertine #7 Published by Siren Genres: BDSM, Erotica Pages: 84 Format: eBook Buy the Book five-starsfive-starsfive-starsfive-starsfive-stars

Writer Kris Comisky was manipulated into insulting a room full of Doms during a book launch at Seattle’s notorious Club Libertine. Once she realizes her error, she decides to undergo sub training so she can write an article both as an apology and to help clear up misconceptions about the lifestyle.
University professor Damon Redmeyne and firefighter Brad Martin are Doms and lovers, and they live upstairs from Kris. They’re also in love with her and volunteer to be her trainers, hoping it will help her see them as more than just friends and open her up to the idea of a permanent ménage relationship.
Kris takes to the lifestyle immediately but is also fearful. Her family has a history of domestic abuse, and she’s having trouble coming to terms with a relationship involving pain no matter how many orgasms

Submission for Skeptics by Diane Leyne is a wonderful addition to her Club Libertine series. I have read several books by Ms. Leyne and she has never disappointed me. I know that her books will not only entertain me, but will move me emotionally. Such was the case with Submission for Skeptics when I was pulled into the story from the first page. I found myself getting lost in the book, forgetting my surroundings and focusing solely on the story.

Kris grew up in an abusive household and now has to watch her older sister repeat history. She swore that she would never allow herself to be abused by any man. So when she is invited to cover the launch of a book glorifying BDSM, Kris is determined to speak her mind. The launch party is held at Club Libertine, a notorious BDSM club. Kris is surprised to see her neighbors, Damon and Brad, at the party. She knew they were lovers but did not realize they lived the D/s lifestyle.  Damon and Brad offer to teach Kris about the lifestyle so that she can better understand a D/s relationship and write an article explaining how BDSM is not abuse.

The story played right into my own questions about BDSM. How can you let someone cause you pain? When does it cross the line into abuse? How can it possibly be consensual? Why would you let someone who supposedly loves you hurt you? Ms. Leyne answers all these questions as part of the story. As Kris learned, I learned. As Kris accepted, I accepted. As Kris yearned, I yearned. In fact, Submission for Skeptics portrayed a D/s relationship with such love and caring that I actually found myself jealous of Kris.

Damon and Brad were fascinating characters that I wanted to get to know better. Brad is a macho, muscular, firefighter, yet he is the submissive to Damon’s dominant. Why? How does being submissive provide Brad peace and security? Damon is the intellectual, a college professor. Yet this seemingly mild-mannered man loves to dominate. It’s always fun to see stereotypes turned upside down.

The sex scenes were so much more than just sex. The love between the three leads was evident in every words and every touch. Even when Brad or Damon was spanking Kris, you could feel how much they cherish her. And even though each man was focused on their woman, they never lost their own connection.

Ms. Leyne packs a lot into this novella. I really enjoyed watching Kris grow and learn the power of submission. Though Damon, Brad and Kris were strongest when together, I loved the relationship each had with the other. I’m not usually a fan of M/M relationships, but Damon and Brad had so much love for each other that I even enjoyed the scenes just between the two.

Submission for Skeptics can really be read as a standalone. However, once you’ve read it I wouldn’t be surprised if you decide to go back and read the others. Ms. Leyne is that good. I know that I can’t wait to read the next one in the series.

Return to Club Libertine: The Dom, the Switch and the Sub, CL book 5

Zack O’Hara is a young Dom at Club Libertine and in love with part-time club receptionist Serena Edwards but she has him firmly in the Friends with Benefits zone. Zack has been wooing her slowly, but now he realizes he is running out of time when he discovers that Luke Davis, the new Dom in town and army vet, has set his sights on her too.

But Zack has misread Luke’s intentions. Luke isn’t looking to steal Serena away. He wants both of them and will mount whatever type of campaign it takes to win them over. And Zack is shocked to realize that Luke doesn’t just want to share Serena. He also expects Zack to submit to him as well.

Zack has always thought of himself as a Dom. But is he really a Switch? Can he share the woman he loves with another man? Can he be with another man?


And check out these wonderful reviews:

5 STARS: “Zach and Luke are Doms at Club Libertine. Luke is recently out of the service, with PTSD demons still chasing him. Zach’s older brothers are Doms at the club also, and Zach has never thought of himself as anything else. Serena loves him and their life is just beginning together. However, Luke makes it clear he wants both Zach and Serena as his subs. Can Zach learn to switch and like it? What will his Dom brothers think of him if he switches? Can Zach and Serena help Luke overcome his fears, or will he ultimately leave them? I like all the Club Libertine books, but some more than others. The Dom, the Switch, the Sub had a different type of story from the rest, which involved both men’s heroes’ journeys which are epic. Once again, it’s a hot read, so have the cold drinks and air conditioning on!” — Alberta, Manic Readers

5 BLUE RIBBONS: “Diane Leyne takes readers on an unexpected emotionally laden (yet exciting) journey with THE DOM, THE SWITCH, AND THE SUB. Serena, Zack and Luke have their individual issues, concerns and fears but you get the impression that with each other’s support they could overcome anything. I loved the buildup to the moment when the three of them finally come together and the obvious indecision and nervous energy Serena and Zack display. What I especially enjoyed about this story is how Ms. Leyne incorporates Luke’s military background into this storyline – and how he’s still affected and involved in helping his comrades adjust to ‘normal’ life. It’s not easy and doesn’t always work, and I really appreciated that Serena and Zack don’t give up on him even when he tries to pull away. This is a beautifully written story.” — Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies Reviews

4.5 KISSES:The Dom, The Switch, and The Sub by Diana Leyne is the fifth book in the Club Libertine series.  This story can be read as a standalone book.  Zach is a dominant male but he is hiding that fact from Serena.  She has expressed in interest in the lifestyle and even works at a BDSM club, but Zach doesn’t want to scare her off with his sexual needs.  Little does he know that Serena knows more than she lets on.  She has been quietly topping from below and Zach hasn’t noticed, but Luke has.  Luke has survived somewhat intact from four tours of duty.  He was a dom before he served and his dominant tendencies have done nothing but strengthened since his return.  He is also willing to fight for what he wants even if it is unconventional.  And what he wants is both Serena and Zach. I enjoyed this tale by Ms. Leyne.   She gave us a tale that touched on many issues which added to the overall story of love and acceptance.  Luke was a strong character and the obvious head of the house but he needed to learn that submissive did not mean pushover.  Both Zach and Serena were willing to fight for the love they had for their budding family even if they had to fight their Dom.  This was my first time reading this author but it will not be the last.” — Tangie, TwoLips Reviews

4 STARS: “THE DOM, THE SWITCH AND THE SUB was a surprising and enjoyable read where the usually clear defined roles within the D/s community get blurred. You have the Dominant and you have the submissive. And most people know what those roles are. But occasionally there are those who are called switches. They dominate subs but also submit to stronger Doms. This is also a story about going and getting what you want and communication. Zack wanted to be Serena’s Dom for as long as they’ve lived together. But he figures a slow approach is the best. Serena has wanted Zack to be her Dom for the same length of time. And the fact that they both work at a BDSM club should have told Zack she didn’t need or want the kid glove, slow approach. I love how the author has them bantering back and forth and at cross purposes with each other. And what is it going to take to get them together? Luke, a Dom’s Dominant in every meaning of the word. Ex-military, he’s still dealing with issues from his service and trying to help members from his old squad with PTSD. He’s been watching both Serena and Zack, and he knows that Zack wants Serena, but from some of Zack’s action, maybe he’s a switch. And that’s just fine in his books, because he wants them both. But will Zack accept submitting to him? What happens when his past comes back to haunt them? The author did a sensitive job with writing about Luke’s dealing with his buddy’s PTSD, and that not all of those dealing with it can be saved. But that you still have to try and you can’t give up. She also did a wonderful job with the fun characters of Zack and Serena versus the serious nature of Luke. This is a very well-written story that is both fun and heartbreaking. I will be reading more by this author.” — Laurie P, The Romance Reviews

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4 1/2 lips reviews for The Dom, The Switch and the Sub

Submission 101 – 5 stars

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