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Running from Satisfaction: Welcome to Libertine Island, 10% off for a short time

On presale now and releasing August 29th: Running from Satisfaction: Welcome to Libertine Island

Tired of the men she loves taking her for granted, Candy Lowe takes a temporary job as a chef on Libertine Island to give herself some distance and perspective. Do her men really love her or is she just convenient to let off steam with after a mission?

Tait Sorenson and Aaron Day are ready to give up their dangerous jobs for the woman they love, and have spent the last six months extricating themselves from the agency. Problem is, they haven’t actually gotten around to telling Candy their plan. When they find out she’s left Satisfaction without telling them, they realize their mistake and track her down to Libertine Island. To win her back, they get temp jobs on the island too.

But someone else is looking for Candy. She’s got something that a killer wants and he’ll stop at nothing, including murder, to get it.

Dave & Lida 3 – Bad Teacher – Now on Sale

Check it out – Out today: Bad Teacher, Dave & Lida 3

Dave McKenna is up for a promotion at work and the one person who stands in his way is corporate instructor Lida Lawrence. She doesn’t think that nice-guy Dave has what it takes to be an executive so she offers him a weekend tutorial. If he passes, she’ll recommend he get the job.

The weekend tutorial is actually an intense hands-on thirty-six hour session with Mistress Lida. Will Dave submit to Mistress Lida’s unique training methods or will the student become the teacher?

Available direct from Evernight at 25% off (for a short time only), All Romance eBooks, Bookstrand and Amazon.

Crawl for Me – Dave & Lida 2 on sale NOW

Dave & Lida 2, “Crawl for Me”, on sale now at Evernight!

Dave McKenna doesn’t normally date his staff, but since Lida is leaving McKenna Industries, he decides to ask her out. On his way to do just that, he overhears her tell a friend that she would “crawl naked on her hands and knees, barking like a dog” to get his attention, and he knows she’s the woman for him.

Lida Lawrence is mortified when she realizes that Dave has overheard her boast and wants to take her up on her offer. She’d just been joking about being his puppy, but now that Dave wants to play, she has to decide if it’s worth it for a night in his arms.




And the winners are….

Below is the list of winners!  I’ll be contacting each of them directly on Facebook with details on how to obtain their prizes:

Lisa Parker Claimed   by Wolves
Shannon   Hollow Kitty Flynn Desired by   Wolves
Libby   Barnes Submission   101
Caring   Jen Loved by   Wolves
Diane   Butler Merrit Sex on the   Beach
Kristinmarie   Ernest Sex on the   Beach
Lori   Johnson
Finding   Satisfaction
Theresa   Jacobs Claimed by   Wolves
Pamela   Huggins Desired by   Wolves
Jacqui   Thomson Sun, Sand   and Submission & The Dominant’s Guide
Kathryn   Laprade Claimed by   Wolves
Laura   le Camplain Submission   101
Loretta   Mcgaughey Cin’s   Secret
Carol   Aldcock Bezzo Demanding   Satisfaction
Kaylyn   Davis Claimed by   Wolves
Krystal   Fahl Finding   Satisfaction
Susan   Foulkes Claimed by   Wolves
Mary   Worley Picture of   Submission
Chris   Finizio Gaeta Sex on the   Beach
Annie   Grant Runaway   Sub
Robin   Matloff Seitz Runaway   Sub
Jeanine   Beaulieu Claimed by   Wolves
Janie   Stadtmiller Culp Sex on the   Beach
Victoria   Reyes No   Accounting for Love
Ashley   Blair Librarian   and the Dom
Sky   S Hartbarger Loved by   Wolves
Stephanie   Fredrick Taken by   Wolves
Ruth   Hambley Charlotte’s   Dilemma
Julie   Dalglish Claimed by   Wolves
MariaLeyne   di Lallo The Dom,   the Switch and the Sub
Racheal   Celatka Yunk Sex on the   Beach
Jane   Appleton Claimed by   Wolves
Susan   Lister Sex on the   Beach
Karen   Clarke Finding   Satisfaction
Maurica   Lilich-Martin Home for   the Holidays
Lori   Meehan Finding   Satisfaction
Linda   Cameron-Brashears Sex on the   Beach
Debra   Gregory Demanding   Satisfaction
Irene   Jackson Claimed by   Wolves
Debbie   Raddatz Home for   the Holidays
Jackie   Mitchell Picture of   Submission
Vickie   Nattress Hawkins Submission   for Skeptics
Kelly   Walker Changing   the Rules
Michelle   Ramsay Spain Claimed by   Wolves
Veronica   Alfaro Submission   101

On Presale NOW: Demanding Satisfaction 15% off

On Presale NOW (and at 15% off for a short time only):  Demanding Satisfaction, Satisfaction Texas book 2:
Rejected by the man she has loved since she was a teenager, Jules Durrance decides it’s finally time to move on. She finds herself intrigued and attracted to newcomer, Quin Redekker. When her best friend, vet, Doc Blake Adams, expresses his own interest, she decides to date both of them. Torn between the two men, she decides to take a chance and makes the bold choice of… suggesting a ménage. She is shocked and thrilled when they agree.
But there’s more going on in Satisfaction than meets the eye. A neighbor has suffered a series of accidents that may not have been accidental, Quin may not be what he seems, and Blake definitely knows more than he’s admitting to.
When her first love comes back looking for a second chance, Jules is torn, but when her life is in danger, only true love can save her.

Finding Satisfaction: Sneak Peak

Get a sneak peak:   Jess (and her dog) meet Murphy and Cole for the first time.  “Finding Satisfaction”, Satisfaction Texas #1, on presale now!
Both cowboys smiled as she approached. “Hey, there!” The blond had a nice voice, deep, with just a touch of a Texan accent. “Beautiful animal you have. What is he, about three or four?”
Determined not to let her attraction to them override her common sense, Jess went on the offensive. “Almost five, actually. Why are you two cowboys …hanging around my Jeep and trying to win over my dog? Don’t you have some horses to look after or cows to wrangle?” She was annoyed with herself for wanting to give in to her attraction  and flirt with them. Now was definitely not the time for romance. She found herself snapping at them, instead.
“But, ma’am, you told me to leave the bar and go out your Jeep.” The brunette looked at her, sincerity shining from his lying or maybe delusional eyes. “I was just trying to be obliging.” His accent was so slow and thick she could almost cut it with a knife.
“You did, ma’am. I heard you with my own ears.” The blond was agreeing, his accent now as thick as his buddy’s, and she felt a bit worried. She could barely understand them. She started to back away.
“Maybe I should go and get the sheriff and we can get this straightened out. Murphy!” The brunette stranger’s deep voice was almost, but not quite, drowned out by Murphy’s bark in reply.
“Yes, ma’am?”
“What? I was calling my dog.”
“You said Murphy.”
“Yes, I did. That’s his name.”
“I didn’t know that back in the bar. As far as I knew, you ordered me outside by name, in a very insulting way, if I recall, calling me no-account and referring to my butt as flea-bitten. I have to say that my butt has no fleas, and I’d be happy to drop my shorts and let you see for yourself.”


On PreSale Now: Finding Satisfaction, Satisfaction Texas 1

On presale now!  “Finding Satisfaction”, Satisfaction Texas 1
“Jess Archer is a woman on the run. It’s just her and her dog and a hundred thousand dollars in stolen drug money heading to Texas and her brother for help. When she learns he’s out of the country for a week, she has to find a place to hide out and finds herself in Satisfaction, Texas, where she meets rancher Murphy Smith and blacksmith Cole Reacher who introduce her to the joys of a ménage.
Their happiness is short-lived, however, when her ex, Detective Lance Dent, tracks her down looking for the money and her drug sniffing dog that he’s promised to sell to a drug cartel. If he doesn’t deliver, he knows he’s a dead man, so he’ll do anything to achieve his ends.
Things go from bad to worse when Lance decides to sell Jess, too, and it’s up to Murphy and Cole to rescue her.”

Cover Reveal – Finding Satisfaction, Satisfaction Texas 1

Finding Satisfaction, Satisfaction Texas book 1

on Presale:  January 9th

on Sale:  January 20th

Jess Archer is a woman on the run.  It’s just her and her dog and a hundred thousand dollars in stolen drug money heading to Texas and her brother for help.  When she learns out he’s out of the country for a week, she has to find a place to hide out and finds herself in Satisfaction Texas where she meets rancher Murphy Smith and blacksmith Cole Reacher who introduce her to the joys of menage.

Their happiness is short lived, however, when Detective Lance Dent, her ex tracks her down looking for the money and her drug sniffing dog that he’s promised to sell to a drug cartel.  If he doesn’t deliver, he knows he’s a dead man, so he’ll do anything to achieve his ends.

Jess decides to make a run for it, but waits too long and is kidnapped by Lance and it’s up to Murphy and Cole to rescue her.


Check it Out: Taken by Wolves in USA Today

Check it out!  “Taken by Wolves” is one of the new erotic released mentioned by USA Today!

Book four of the Call of the Wolf series. Ginger had no interest in getting involved with wolf shape-shifters, but that was before the Anderson brothers arrived… in town. Their budding romance, however, is interrupted by the brothers’ hunt for an arsonist who is targeting shifters who may be based in Harmony, possibly even someone Ginger knows. She wants to help with the investigation, but things aren’t like they seem, and when Ginger is kidnapped it’s up to her wolves to rescue her. Or is it?

Available now at: and soon to be at all major eRetailers:
Amazon UK:


What is Charlotte’s Dilemma?

Dr. Charlotte Montgomery is just looking to relax after years working in war zones. A job on a resort island and a fling with a younger man sounds like just the ticket.

Jedidiah Jesperson, also known as JJ, has dropped out of the rat race and now looks after the boats on Libertine Island and ferries the guests around. He falls for Charlotte at first meeting and must now convince her that even though he’s eight years younger than her, he’s more than just a boy toy. He’s looking for a real relationship and not just a fling.

Charlotte’s convinced that one day he’ll wake up and realize their age difference is too much so she proposes they be friends with benefits. Can she get past the age difference to see JJ as the man for her, or will her doubts push him away forever?

On sale now at