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Movies, movies, movies

If there’s one thing I love almost as much as books, it’s movies.  Yesterday I went to see “The 5th Wave”.  What can I say about that one.  I’m mildly curious to read the book it’s based on, mostly because it can’t be nearly as bad as the movie they turned it into, otherwise, Hollywood wouldn’t have optioned it, right?

Last week I saw the Revenant with Leonardo diCaprio.  It was just as good as all the critics said but really hard to watch.  I think Leo is pretty much guaranteed to win the Oscar.  His nearest competition is Eddie Redmayne in the Danish Girl.  That was a great movie and Eddie’s amazing, but he just won last year.

Anyone want to share any of their Oscar predictions?

And now for something completely off topic…

… anyone else out there a movie lover?  I’ve been on a roll at the theatre lately.  I saw Captain Phillips today, starring Tom Hanks and it was amazing.  In the last few weeks, I’ve seen Rush, Gravity, Don Jon, 12 Years a Slave, Dallas Buyers Club,  All is Lost and Thor 2 and enjoyed them all. 

Thor 2 may not be in the same class as the others, but it was an enjoyable time waster and it had Chris Hemsworth in it.  🙂

I think 12 Years a Slave has the inside track for best picture and actor.  Best supporting actor and actress nominations are guaranteed.  I think Robert Redford will get a nomination for All is Lost.  He isn’t just the star of the movie, but he was the ONLY person in it.  I think Hanks has another nom coming his way.  Matthew M and Jared Leto have a good chance at noms too.  Ditto Sandra Bullock for Gravity.

Rush was fun and, like Thor, also featured Chris Hemsworth and his amazing abs.

What Oscar contenders have you seen lately?