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Running from Satisfaction: Welcome to Libertine Island, 10% off for a short time

On presale now and releasing August 29th: Running from Satisfaction: Welcome to Libertine Island

Tired of the men she loves taking her for granted, Candy Lowe takes a temporary job as a chef on Libertine Island to give herself some distance and perspective. Do her men really love her or is she just convenient to let off steam with after a mission?

Tait Sorenson and Aaron Day are ready to give up their dangerous jobs for the woman they love, and have spent the last six months extricating themselves from the agency. Problem is, they haven’t actually gotten around to telling Candy their plan. When they find out she’s left Satisfaction without telling them, they realize their mistake and track her down to Libertine Island. To win her back, they get temp jobs on the island too.

But someone else is looking for Candy. She’s got something that a killer wants and he’ll stop at nothing, including murder, to get it.

99 cent sale: Sex on the Beach, Libertine Island 1

My newest book, Running from Satisfaction: Welcome to Libertine is now on presale and releasing this Friday. It’s officially the 6th book in the Satisfaction Texas series. But, unofficially, it’s also the 6th book in the Libertine Island series. To celebrate, book 1, Sex on the Beach is on sale for only 99 cents!! Yes, for less than a dollar, you can visit Libertine Island where it’s always hot, Hot, HOT!!! But the sale won’t last forever!!


Rebecca Lawrence is just a thesis away from getting her PhD, but she wants an adventure before she settles down in academia. The former gymnast impulsively accepts a job at a private BDSM resort working as a physical trainer and yoga instructor. She’s assigned to work under the brothers Mal and Mike Reynolds who have also been tasked with teaching her about BDSM, a job they take very seriously.

The men offer her all the adventure she could want, and she takes quickly to submission, looking forward to a year working under the hunky brothers, sometimes literally.

But there’s a serpent in paradise. During the pre-opening inspection, a university professor, whose advances she rejected previously, shows up on the island and starts hitting on her again. Can she count on the brothers to protect her, or is she the one that must do the protecting, as a bad report from Holtzman could cost all three of them their jobs.

Do you prefer Paperbacks or eBooks?

Good news.  Not only are “Sex on the Beach” and “Sun, Sand and Submission” available in paperback from Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but I just got the cover for “The Runaway Sub” which will be available soon in paperback from both sources!


And the winners are….

Below is the list of winners!  I’ll be contacting each of them directly on Facebook with details on how to obtain their prizes:

Lisa Parker Claimed   by Wolves
Shannon   Hollow Kitty Flynn Desired by   Wolves
Libby   Barnes Submission   101
Caring   Jen Loved by   Wolves
Diane   Butler Merrit Sex on the   Beach
Kristinmarie   Ernest Sex on the   Beach
Lori   Johnson
Finding   Satisfaction
Theresa   Jacobs Claimed by   Wolves
Pamela   Huggins Desired by   Wolves
Jacqui   Thomson Sun, Sand   and Submission & The Dominant’s Guide
Kathryn   Laprade Claimed by   Wolves
Laura   le Camplain Submission   101
Loretta   Mcgaughey Cin’s   Secret
Carol   Aldcock Bezzo Demanding   Satisfaction
Kaylyn   Davis Claimed by   Wolves
Krystal   Fahl Finding   Satisfaction
Susan   Foulkes Claimed by   Wolves
Mary   Worley Picture of   Submission
Chris   Finizio Gaeta Sex on the   Beach
Annie   Grant Runaway   Sub
Robin   Matloff Seitz Runaway   Sub
Jeanine   Beaulieu Claimed by   Wolves
Janie   Stadtmiller Culp Sex on the   Beach
Victoria   Reyes No   Accounting for Love
Ashley   Blair Librarian   and the Dom
Sky   S Hartbarger Loved by   Wolves
Stephanie   Fredrick Taken by   Wolves
Ruth   Hambley Charlotte’s   Dilemma
Julie   Dalglish Claimed by   Wolves
MariaLeyne   di Lallo The Dom,   the Switch and the Sub
Racheal   Celatka Yunk Sex on the   Beach
Jane   Appleton Claimed by   Wolves
Susan   Lister Sex on the   Beach
Karen   Clarke Finding   Satisfaction
Maurica   Lilich-Martin Home for   the Holidays
Lori   Meehan Finding   Satisfaction
Linda   Cameron-Brashears Sex on the   Beach
Debra   Gregory Demanding   Satisfaction
Irene   Jackson Claimed by   Wolves
Debbie   Raddatz Home for   the Holidays
Jackie   Mitchell Picture of   Submission
Vickie   Nattress Hawkins Submission   for Skeptics
Kelly   Walker Changing   the Rules
Michelle   Ramsay Spain Claimed by   Wolves
Veronica   Alfaro Submission   101

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Contest – win one of 19 eBooks!

Hey, everyone.  I’m having a contest.  To celebrate my 1st anniversary as a published author, I’m giving away 19 ebooks (yes, 19!).

Head on over to my author page and check out the pinned post to find out how to enter.


Featured Series: Libertine Island

Have you ever wanted to head down to an island resort where the sun is always shining, the water is warm and the sex is hot, Hot, HOT?

Well, why don’t you do what Rebecca, Aly, Jen, Maggie and Charlotte did and head down to Libertine Island!

Run by the same folks who own Club Libertine, Libertine island is an exclusive BDSM resort on a private island just off the coast of St. Maarten.

Book 1, “Sex on the Beach”, introduces Rebecca.  She decides to take a job on Libertine Island in order to pay the bills while she is working on her thesis.  She didn’t expect to meet hot Dominant brothers Mal and Mike Reynolds.  She really didn’t expect to find a serpent in paradise in the form of her academic nemesis who can cost them all their jobs if she doesn’t submit to him.

Book 2, “Sun, Sand and Submission, is Aly’s story.  She’s worried about Rebecca who is now living happily with her two Doms.  Since only participants in the lifestyle can visit as guests, Aly persuades her ex Max, who is a Dom, to pretend to be her Dom so she can check on Rebecca.  She also secretly wants a second chance with Max.  What she doesn’t know is that he’s thinking the same thing.

Book 3 is all about Jen. She’s down on the island for Aly and Max’s wedding.  She wasn’t looking for a Master but then she meets Caleb, the island doctor.  Everything is great until Rey shows up looking for his “Runaway Sub”.

Book 4, “The Picture of Submission” features Maggie, Max’s sister.  She’s willing to play at submission, but she’ll never do it for real.  When a plum job illustration a book on submission  is snatched from her because she doesn’t have the necessary empathy for the subject, she agrees to undergo training.  She’d dismayed to find Chris Hayes has been assigned to train her, but luckily his brothers Dalton and Carter are there to help.

Book 5, “Charlotte’s Dilemma” introduces us to the new doctor on the island.  She’s looking for a little R&R after 5 years in war zones and an island resort sounds like just the ticket.  Even better is the hot younger guy she meets on the trip down to the island.  She thinks a fling would be wonderful, but JJ’s got different ideas.  He’s looking for a relationship.  Can she give him what he wants?


Charlotte’s Dilemma – Chapter 1 Sneak Peak!


To get a sneak peak click on the link:


To purchase  Charlotte’s Dilemma – go to or find links to all major eRetailers:


Charlotte’s Dilemma – now available on Amazon and KOBO. Coming soon to B&N

On sale at Amazon now and coming soon to all major eRetailers:  “Charlotte’s Dilemma”.
Charlotte has spent the last 5 years working in war zones and being the resident doctor for a year on a resort island, even if it is a BDSM resort, so…unds wonderful.  All that’s missing is a fling to make things perfect.
JJ is eight years younger than Charlotte, but for him, it’s love at first sight.  His challenge: can he convince her he’s more than just a temporary boy toy?

Book Spotlight: Sun, Sand and Submission, Libertine Island #2

Have you visited Libertine Island lately?

Eighteen months ago, on a romantic weekend away, Aly Martinson broke up with her boyfriend Max Barton when he admitted he was a Dom.  She regretted her hasty reaction almost immediately, but a one year job assignment overseas meant she never had the opportunity to apologise and ask if they could try again.

Now her friend Rebecca is working at a BDSM resort (Sex on the Beach, Libertine Island 1), and Aly’s worried she’s being taken advantage of.  So Aly turns to the only person she knows in the lifestyle for help:  Max.  He agrees to pose as Aly’s Dom so they can visit the very exclusive island resort and check on Rebecca.

What Max doesn’t know is that Aly’s hoping that this trip can also be a chance for them to try again as a couple.  What Aly doesn’t know is that Max is thinking the same thing.


Get it at any major eRetailer:




“What exactly is it that you need my connections for? Is it something to do with this job of Rebecca’s?”

He looked from one to the other, and now suddenly, none of them would meet his eye. That only meant one thing. It had something to do with BDSM. Other than being a guy, it was the only unique thing he brought to the table. And then he had his lightbulb moment.

“This resort she’s working at, it wouldn’t happen to be Libertine Island, would it?” The women’s mouths all dropped open, and Max found himself roaring with laughter. “Little Rebecca’s got herself a job there? And it sounds to me like you’re saying she’s found herself not one but two Doms to look after her? Good for her. I didn’t think she had it in her. I’m impressed.”

“You know the place?” Aly stared at Max as if he’d suddenly grown two heads. “Have you been there? Did you know Rebecca was there? Do you know this Mal and Mike Reynolds?”

“Hey, one question at a time. I know about it because A, the reason you invited me here is that I’m connected in the BDSM community, and B, a good buddy of mine, Jake, in the IT community did the tech setup there and he called me and I did some informal consulting. I’ve never been there, although I’ve thought of going. He offered me a free week as a thank-you for the IT help. Sounds like a pretty sweet setup to me. A whole week on a private island where there’s no one to judge you or your lifestyle, where you can live it twenty-four-seven if you want to and that would just make you the ‘normal’ one.”


* * * *


He’d used air quotes to highlight the word normal, and his tone was slightly bitter. Aly found herself staring at him with shock. They’d never discussed that part of his life since they’d gone back to being “friends.” It was her turn for air quotes, at least in her head. No matter how much she kept telling herself that what she felt for Max was nothing but friendship, it was a big fat lie. Just sitting with him at a restaurant and hearing his laugh and watching the way his eyes crinkled at the corners when he smiled had her stomach and, yes, her pussy clenching.

He was one of the hottest men she’d ever met. Oh, there might be handsomer men, but none had his combination of rugged good looks and humor. And Max was a seriously nice man, a quality that seemed to be lacking nowadays. He helped little old ladies across the street, rescued kittens from a tree at least twice that she knew of, and had always had time for his younger sister and her bratty friends, even when they were ten and he was fifteen and got harassed by his own friends for letting his baby sister, who hero-worshipped him, hang around.

And she’d rejected him outright, refusing to even have an adult discussion. She’d panicked and shut down emotionally. And she knew she’d hurt him. She’d seen it in his face before he’d shut down and simply grabbed the bags they’d never gotten around to unpacking and carried them back to the car.

He’d driven all the way back to Chicago without a word. And she knew she’d really hurt him when he did something so out of character that she’d gasped aloud with surprise. He got out of the car and removed her bags from the trunk and placed them beside her. Then he got in the car and drove away without a word. It was only then that she realized just how badly she’d hurt him. Max Barton was a gentleman to his toes. He’d never drive away and leave a woman, or even a man, standing on the curbside. He’d at least walk them to their door and see them safely inside. He’d probably insist on carrying their bags, too.

But he’d driven away, leaving her on the curb. As she gathered her bags, she felt the tears begin to fall. They continued to fall for the rest of the weekend as she mourned what might have been. Then she banned them, determined to move on and forget Max.

And here he was now, sitting across the table from her, looking none too happy at being there. Clearly Maggie hadn’t told him that she’d be there. Aly wished she could run away. She understood why he didn’t want to see her, but Rebecca needed them both, and they’d have to put aside their differences to make sure she was okay.

She just had to get him to stop laughing and take the situation seriously.




“Patience, patience. I’m setting the pace, darlin’. And I’m planning on taking my time. If you don’t spread those hot legs for me, I’m going to tie them so they are spread wide and you’ll be totally at my mercy. Would you like that?”

She’d moaned her answer, reluctantly opening her thighs wide. He’d run a finger lightly down her slit, scooping up her cream, which was flowing freely. He licked his finger, and his expression said he’d never tasted something so wonderful.

“I guess you do like the idea. Here, have a taste.” He scooped up some more cream and held his finger to her mouth. Tentatively, she opened her mouth and licked his finger. She’d never tasted herself, and it felt unbelievably decadent.

He grinned wickedly at her, kissed her lightly on the lips, and then slid down her body, pausing to kiss each breast and lightly suckle one nipple then the other. Once he had her moaning with desire, he moved lower again, until he was positioned between her spread thighs.

He raised himself up on his forearms and looked directly at her. “Keep your legs apart and still, or I’ll tie them that way. Understand, darlin’?”

She nodded, so turned on by the dominance in his tone. They’d played at it before, but this time, he was really taking charge, and she felt the cream begin to leak from her pussy. Even if her mind was shocked by his words, her body was turned on by them.

“Not good enough, sweetheart. I need you to say the words. Are you going to keep still for me, or do I have to fully restrain you? Answer me now, or I’ll assume you want to be completely tied down.” He smiled wickedly up at her. “Would you like that? I know I would. To have you completely at my mercy and be able to do anything at all I wanted to you. Yes, maybe I’ll just…”

“No, I’ll be good. I promise.”

As soon as the words were out of her mouth, she’d regretted them. She realized the thought of being completely helpless was both scary and something she desperately wanted, but it was too late. The words were out. Max looked at her, and it was like he could read her mind. She was sure he knew that she wanted him to tie her down, just as she was sure he wouldn’t do anything that she said no to. She trusted him completely.

Settling between her legs, he lowered his head and licked her slit from bottom to top. Then he’d gone to work. It hadn’t taken long before she was on the verge of coming. His mouth and tongue were unbelievably talented. When he’d pushed his tongue inside her, mimicking what she knew he’d be doing later with his cock, she thought she’d pass out from the pleasure as she came hard as soon as he pinched her clit. She’d expected him to move up her body and push his cock inside her, but he surprised her by not moving anything but his mouth.

He licked higher, caressing and sucking her labia but avoiding her clit, which was still throbbing from her first climax. She kept trying to angle her hips so that his mouth would cover that throbbing bundle of nerves, but he denied her.

She almost screamed with frustration as she pulled against the bonds keeping her arms up above her and preventing her from moving him into the position she wanted.

He just chuckled and held her still until she stopped moving. When she did, he rewarded her by slipping a big finger inside her. She found herself whimpering when he added a second. When he curled them, pressing against the pleasure spot inside her at the same time his mouth finally found her clit, suckling hard before biting down gently, she screamed long and loud as her body bowed off the bed as her climax slammed through her with the power of a freight train.

She sagged back onto the mattress, but he didn’t give her any time to recover. His mouth kept working on her, his fingers moving assuredly inside her, in and out, in and out.

She could feel another climax building, her nipples so hard and tight they throbbed almost in pain. She moved restlessly, but he held her still and he moved his fingers in and out. The feeling of fullness was wonderful, and yet it made her wish it were his cock inside her, filling her, pounding into her.


“Please what?”

“Please, Max. I want you inside me.”

“But, Aly, I am inside you.”

“Just your fingers. I want more.”

“Okay.” She felt satisfaction and anticipation for about a second and a half until he shoved a third finger inside her.

She could feel another climax beginning to build, but his fingers weren’t enough.

“No, no. I want your cock inside me.”

“That’s not what you asked for. I gave you exactly what you wanted, and now you are dissatisfied. Maybe I should stop?”

“No, please no. I need to come again. Please.”

“Please what? Please finger fuck me until I come, Max? Or maybe, please, Max, fuck me with your cock…?”

“Yes, yes. That’s it. That’s what I want.”

“Say the words.”


“Say the words. Tell me exactly what you want? No, I’ve changed my mind. Beg me for what you want. You want my cock inside you, then you are going to have to beg for it.”

Aly stiffened. He was good in bed, but she begged no man. She decided to wait him out. She’d already come twice, and he hadn’t. She knew he had to be pretty desperate to fuck her. She just had to wait him out.