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Crawl for Me – Dave & Lida 2 on sale NOW

Dave & Lida 2, “Crawl for Me”, on sale now at Evernight!

Dave McKenna doesn’t normally date his staff, but since Lida is leaving McKenna Industries, he decides to ask her out. On his way to do just that, he overhears her tell a friend that she would “crawl naked on her hands and knees, barking like a dog” to get his attention, and he knows she’s the woman for him.

Lida Lawrence is mortified when she realizes that Dave has overheard her boast and wants to take her up on her offer. She’d just been joking about being his puppy, but now that Dave wants to play, she has to decide if it’s worth it for a night in his arms.




Dave & Lida 1: Turning Tricks ON SALE NOW

Yeah!  Dave & Lida 1:  Turning Tricks, on sale now!

Lida Lawrence needs $1,500 fast or she’ll be evicted after her ex walks out leaving her broke and desperate. There is only one thing she can think of doing that will get her enough money in time, so she heads out to the Hotel Carrington looking for a businessman willing to pay for some companionship.

Dave McKenna is a salesman from out of town. He is lonely and bored. Lida picks him because he seems like a nice guy, but once she gets up to his room she finds out that Dave isn’t quite as vanilla as she thought. He offers her the whole $1,500 for a single night of pleasure and pain, but can Lida give him what he desires?

AMAZON US REVIEW 5* “This is one hot little read! I loved how the entire story was put together. Dave and Lida were such great characters and I just loved the ending! I was a little shocked how it ended. Great start to a great series!”

AMAZON UK REVIEW 5* “I had to check this one out. How could you not with a cover like that? Read this over lunch and thoroughly enjoyed it. There’s a delicious Twist I didn’t see coming at all, and that made the story for me”




Coming in May: Dave & Lida 2, Crawl for Me

Coming in May from Evernight:  Dave and Lida 2, Crawl for Me!  Check back later for more details!

Coming Soon

Daisy Philips: Dave & Lida 1 – Turning Tricks

Coming Soon

Guess what!!  My first book with Evernight, Dave & Lida 1 – Turning Tricks, will be coming out in May under the pen name:  Daisy Philips.  Stay tuned for more info!