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 unSEALed – on sale now!

All Nick Bellamy ever wanted to do was serve his country as a SEAL. When a mission goes wrong, surgeons are able to save his leg but he loses both his profession and his marriage. Nick heads home to Carrington Crossing to figure out what to do with the rest of his life. At the top of his list of options: Hermit.

That was before he meets Tully Murphy and her Irish Setter Sheila. Once he gets to know the two feisty red-heads, he realizes his life will never be the same (and that being a hermit is no longer an option). Tully has her own scars, though, but hers are on the inside. She married her high school sweetheart at eighteen and was widowed at nineteen. She’s been avoiding serious relationships ever since.
As Nick works to win her love, he struggles with a secret that could end things with Tully forever: his role in the death of her husband almost a decade earlier.

Written Submission – Excerpt

Have you joined the Kinky Book Club yet? Read on for an excerpt from Written Submission and Amazon, All Romance eBooks, KOBO and SmashWords links.

Book 1: Jane is a writer doing hands on research for a new book. She didn’t expect to meet a man like Ben.

Jan 10 f

“As you know, the training sessions are a combination of classroom and practical. This is to give you both knowledge and hands-on experience.”

“My hand, your ass!” Andrew’s comment had everyone snickering except for Ben who was glaring at the other man.

“Yes, well, you will definitely be experiencing a thorough spanking by the end of the night. Who here’s been spanked before? And I don’t mean when you were a naughty child. I mean since you became an adult.”

Jane folded her hands in front of her and looked around as, one by one, all the other women raised their hands. She dropped her head. What was she thinking? She should have interviewed Amanda about being a submissive. She should have told her readers that Brad wasn’t getting his own book. She needed to be locked up for her own good.

“Well, well. We seem to have one spanking virgin. Master Ben and Master Andrew, one of you will have a very special treat ahead of you tonight.”
Jane didn’t think it was possible but she felt her cheeks get redder. And then she heard a low, masculine chuckle.

“By the end of the night, her ass will be redder than her cheeks. I can’t wait.” Sitting up straight and looking to the side, she felt her jaw drop. It was Ben who had spoken. She could see Andrew move to object, but Ben held up a hand.

“I claim the virgin!” Then he turned and winked at her. Winked!
Jane suddenly felt a tingling and then a throbbing between her thighs.

Written Submission

Book 2: unSubmissive: Gabe doesn’t do relationships, but that was before he met Amanda. Can the Master of Club Hades change or will he lose the woman he loves?

Bonus book: Make-Believe Submissive, a Kinky Book Club short story: When the Kinky Book Club starts meeting at Maggie’s restaurant, it awakens desires she didn’t know she had… will they cost her the man she loves?

Kindle Scout – Nominations – The (Almost) Thirty Year Old Virgin

My newest book, “The (Almost) Thirty Year Old Virgin” is up for nomination in the Kindle Scout Program. Head on over there today and vote. It’s easy to do and there is absolutely no cost. If my book is chosen for publication (based on voting!!!), you will receive a *FREE* advance copy as a thank you!! So please nominate today! (PS – you can nominate up to 3 books so check out the other great reads available!)

Nominations for my book are now open and end November 13th.

What’s on your bucket list?

At twenty nine, Alexandra “Lexi” Brookdale is working on her bucket list. She’s learned to swim, play a guitar (badly) and ride a bike. And now she’s heading to Cabo to kill two birds with one stone: lose her virginity and go whale watching. Lawyer John Thomas “Jack” Maguire goes south looking for some sun and a little fun after a challenging year. Neither one of them arrived looking for a relationship, but sparks fly when they meet. Will one week in paradise be enough?

The A 30 YO V

What happens what a hacker falls for her target?

Inflection Point 1

On sale NOW: Inflection Point: The Hacker & the CEO Port 1, only $0.99 (or free with KU)! Get your copy today! (Parts 2-4 are the very same price and on presale now. Get them all – total book length – almost 100,000 words!)

My name is Tedi Watkins and I’m a hacker, a white hat hacker. This means I am one of the good guys. I work for a company called HDI and I’m one of a number of hackers on staff who are hired to test a company’s security. We work undercover and no one knows who we are and what we do.

I’m working now at ArcTech Inc. Quin Archer, former trust fund playboy and now hardworking (and smoking hot, by the way) CEO was a tween crush of mine. The last thing I expected when I met him was to feel a blazing hot and very adult attraction to him. I don’t normally get involved with my targets, but for Quin I might make an exception.

But what’s he going to think when he finds out I’ve been lying to him? And then there’s the fact that ArcTech is on the verge of either greatness or financial ruin with Project Inflection. Quin is also dealing with the seventh anniversary of the loss of one of his best friends and then there’s his cousin’s soon to be ex-wife is hitting on him. He’s definitely not having a good month.

So what do I do? Do I take a chance and have a fling with Quin? And how do I keep my heart from getting involved?

Part 1 on sale now for only $0.99

It’s Contest Time!!!

Guess what time it is!! It’s contest time. INFLECTION POINT Part 1 is now on presale for only $0.99, only at Amazon. It will be available for download August 25th.

Head on over to Facebook to enter:

1) A guaranteed prize of one $10 Amazon gift card each week
2) If I get more than 100 pre-orders, I’ll give away two gift cards, more than 300, 3-gift cards and so on. If I get more than 500 pre-orders, I’ll also give away a $50 grand prize during the final draw.

1) Go to Amazon and pre-order Inflection Point Part 1.
2) Come back here and record your receipt number in a comment to this post.
3) Once you enter, you will be eligible for all remaining draws, so enter early to be eligible for all 4 weeks of draws!!!

Contest July 28 2015


So what’s a lonely hacker supposed to do? The moment Theodora “Tedi” Watkins sets eyes on Quin Archer, former trust fund playboy, current CEO of ArcTech, she knows she wants him.

At almost 24, Tedi is a typical millennial slacker, working at a dead-end job. Or is she? In actual fact, Tedi is a professional hacker and is working undercover in ArcTech’s Help Desk to if she can breach their security from the inside. She’s never gotten involved with a target before, but for Quin, she’ll make an exception.

Quin is fighting for the life of his company. If they can’t get their new project, code named Inflection, finished, the company will go bankrupt. Add to that the fact they are under attack by hackers and it’s approaching the seventh anniversary of the loss of his best friend, Quin’s not looking for a relationship. But he’s definitely up for some fun and games with the hot new Help Desk Analyst.

Do the Hacker and the CEO have a chance?

Diamond Mine: Now available at Amazon! Coming soon to Kobo and B&N and…

Check out what’s now available at Amazon: Diamond Mine, the 2nd Billionaire Doms Club book!

Lori Graham is in Chicago to evaluate a company her boss wants to buy. She’s also considering moving home to the Windy City for good. Dillon Harris is one of the owners of the company being sold. He’s also a Dom, but not just any Dom.Lori doesn’t realize at first, but he’s Master D, the Dom she’s been playing with at the Black Diamond Club.

While she doesn’t recognize him right away, Dillon knows that Lori is his Lorelei, the sub that has threatened to steal his heart. He also knows that she tries to avoid emotional entanglements while he wouldn’t mind getting entangled with her.

They decide to take sex and submission off the table until after Lori’s evaluation is complete, but is that even possible? And when the Black Diamond Club goes up for sale, a misunderstanding threatens to drive them apart for good.


Finalist: RWA Passionate Ink, Passionate Plume Awards – 2014

Got my official Passionate Ink Finalize (2nd in the Novella Category) graphic:

PP9 Finalist

If you haven’t read “The Dom, the Switch and the Sub” yet, get it at Amazon and all major eRetailers!

Review: Sex on the Beach

Head on over to Julie’s and check out this 5* review of Sex on the Beach!!

Then catch up on the happenings on Libertine Island in preparation for “Running from Satisfaction” when Candy heads to Libertine Island with Tait and Aaron (and a killer) hot on her heels!

Coming Soon: Candy’s story, Running from Satisfaction

Are you waiting to finally read Candy (and Tait and Aaron’s) story? Sorry I made you wait so long. Running from Satisfaction: Welcome to Libertine Island is releasing on August 29th and should be on presale approx. 10 days before that.

If you haven’t visited Satisfaction Texas or met Candy yet, the very first Satisfaction Texas book is on sale at Amazon for $0.99, but not for much longer.

Tired of the men she loves taking her for granted, Candy Lowe takes a temporary job as a chef on Libertine Island to give herself some distance and perspective. Do her men really love her or is she just convenient to let off steam with after a mission?

Tait Sorenson and Aaron Day are ready to give up their dangerous jobs for the woman they love, and have spent the last six months extricating themselves from the agency. Problem is, they haven’t actually gotten around to telling Candy their plan. When they find out she’s left Satisfaction without telling them, they realize their mistake and track her down to Libertine Island. To win her back, they get temp jobs on the island too.

But someone else is looking for Candy. She’s got something that a killer wants and he’ll stop at nothing, including murder, to get it.

PS- not only will it feature Candy and her men, but it is a Libertine Island cross over and JJ and Charlotte (from Charlotte’s Dilemma) will appear.


Book List

Hey, all. One of my readers asked for a printable list of all my books. Check it out!

And don’t forget, Design for Dominance, Club Libertine 10, is now on presale!


And The Rule of 3, Club Libertine 9, is now available on Amazon, Kobo and soon B&N: