Book List

DIANE LEYNE – Siren Publishing

1 Changing the Rules MFM
2 The Librarian and the Dom MF
3 No Accounting for Love MF
4 Cin’s Secret MFM
5 The Dom, the Switch and the Sub MMF
6 The Dominant’s Guide to Owning and Training a Sex Slave MF
7 Submission for Skeptics MMF
8 Submission 101 MFM
9 The Rule of 3 MMF
10 Design for Dominance MFM

11 Love Will Find a Way MFM

1 Finding Satisfaction MFM
2 Demanding Satisfaction MFM
3 Uncovering Satisfaction MFM
4 Playing for Satisfaction MFM
5 Serving Up Satisfaction MM
6 Running from Satisfaction: Welcome to Libertine Island MFM on presale August 19th

7 Return to Satisfaction MFM

8 Chasing Satisfaction MFM


1 Sex on the Beach MFM
2 Sun, Sand and Submission MF
3 The Runaway Sub MMF
4 The Picture of Submission MFMM
5 Charlotte’s Dilemma MF
n/a Running from Satisaction: Welcome to Libertine Island (unofficial book 6) MFM on presale August 19th

6 Pleasing her two Masters MMF


1 Claimed by Wolves MFMMMM
2 Desired by Wolves MFMM
3 Loved by Wolves MFMMMM
4 Taken by Wolves MFMM


DAISY PHILIPS – Siren Publishing

1 Hidden Diamond MF
2 Diamond Mine MF
3 Rough Diamond MF
4 Diamonds Aren’t Forever MF
5 Price of Diamonds MF

6 Diamonds and Pearl MF


DAISY PHILIPS – Evernight Publishing

1 Turning Tricks MF
2 Crawl for Me MF
3 Bad Teacher MF
4 Doctor, Doctor MF Free Read
5 Love in the Afternoon MF

6 Lida and the Deputy


3 responses to “Book List

  1. I was wondering when the next book in the libertine or satisfaction series was coming out? I have really enjoyed these books and can’t wait for more. Once you start reading them, they are so hard to put down.

    • Hey, Jaimie. So happy you like them! I’ve taken a short break from those books, but I’ve written another BDSM series, The Billionaire Dom’s Club under the name Daisy Philips. If you like Club Libertine, then I think you will like these too!

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