Three of a Kind – Now on Sale

Three of a Kind – Meet the Gardner triplets, Rose, Iris and Lily as they search for love.

Three of a Kind: Rose
Rose is having a bad week and decides that a one-night stand is just what she needs. Ray is new in town. They are incendiary between the sheets, but she’s got too much on her plate right now to consider a relationship. And then she finds out that Ray is her new boss. She’s not convinced that mixing business and pleasure is the right thing, but Ray’s got other ideas.

Three of a Kind: Iris
Iris owns a flower shop. Life is peaceful until the day two minions of a neighborhood mobster come in to rob her. Luckily, another customer saves the day and her. She and Jack fall into bed that night, but a relationship will be a challenge because as it turns out, he works for the mobster too. Or does he?

Three of a Kind: Lily
Lily and best friend Patrick are best friends. They once promised that if they were both single when they turned 30, they’d get married and start a family. After a wild night in Vegas celebrating her sister’s wedding, Lily wakes up married to Patrick. He’s ecstatic since he’s loved her for years. She’s terrified he only married her to fulfil an old promise. Will their marriage end before it’s even had a chance to start?



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