unSEALed – on sale now!

All Nick Bellamy ever wanted to do was serve his country as a SEAL. When a mission goes wrong, surgeons are able to save his leg but he loses both his profession and his marriage. Nick heads home to Carrington Crossing to figure out what to do with the rest of his life. At the top of his list of options: Hermit.

That was before he meets Tully Murphy and her Irish Setter Sheila. Once he gets to know the two feisty red-heads, he realizes his life will never be the same (and that being a hermit is no longer an option). Tully has her own scars, though, but hers are on the inside. She married her high school sweetheart at eighteen and was widowed at nineteen. She’s been avoiding serious relationships ever since.
As Nick works to win her love, he struggles with a secret that could end things with Tully forever: his role in the death of her husband almost a decade earlier.

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