Written Submission – Excerpt

Have you joined the Kinky Book Club yet? Read on for an excerpt from Written Submission and Amazon, All Romance eBooks, KOBO and SmashWords links.

Book 1: Jane is a writer doing hands on research for a new book. She didn’t expect to meet a man like Ben.

Jan 10 f

“As you know, the training sessions are a combination of classroom and practical. This is to give you both knowledge and hands-on experience.”

“My hand, your ass!” Andrew’s comment had everyone snickering except for Ben who was glaring at the other man.

“Yes, well, you will definitely be experiencing a thorough spanking by the end of the night. Who here’s been spanked before? And I don’t mean when you were a naughty child. I mean since you became an adult.”

Jane folded her hands in front of her and looked around as, one by one, all the other women raised their hands. She dropped her head. What was she thinking? She should have interviewed Amanda about being a submissive. She should have told her readers that Brad wasn’t getting his own book. She needed to be locked up for her own good.

“Well, well. We seem to have one spanking virgin. Master Ben and Master Andrew, one of you will have a very special treat ahead of you tonight.”
Jane didn’t think it was possible but she felt her cheeks get redder. And then she heard a low, masculine chuckle.

“By the end of the night, her ass will be redder than her cheeks. I can’t wait.” Sitting up straight and looking to the side, she felt her jaw drop. It was Ben who had spoken. She could see Andrew move to object, but Ben held up a hand.

“I claim the virgin!” Then he turned and winked at her. Winked!
Jane suddenly felt a tingling and then a throbbing between her thighs.

Written Submission







Book 2: unSubmissive: Gabe doesn’t do relationships, but that was before he met Amanda. Can the Master of Club Hades change or will he lose the woman he loves?

Bonus book: Make-Believe Submissive, a Kinky Book Club short story: When the Kinky Book Club starts meeting at Maggie’s restaurant, it awakens desires she didn’t know she had… will they cost her the man she loves?

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