Pre Order Inflection Point Part 1 Today!

Inflection Point 1

Have you ordered your copy of Inflection Point: The Hacker & the CEO Part 1 yet? It’s only $0.99!

At almost 24, Tedi is a typical millennial slacker, working at a dead-end job. Or is she? In actual fact, Tedi is a professional hacker and is working undercover in ArcTech’s Help Desk to try to breach their security from the inside. She’s never gotten involved with a target before, but for Quin, she’ll make an exception.

Quin, the former trust fund playboy now hardworking CEO, is fighting for the life of his company. If they can’t get their new project, code named Inflection, finished, the company will go bankrupt. Add to that the fact they are under attack by hackers and it’s approaching the seventh anniversary of the loss of his best friend, Quin’s not looking for a relationship. But he’s definitely up for some fun and games with the hot new Help Desk Analyst.

Do the Hacker and the CEO have a chance?

Please note – the romance scenes are explicit.

This is book 1 in 4 part series. This is a 95,000+ word story told in 4 parts. Each part is 99 cents. Parts 1 -3 end in a cliff hanger. All loose ends are tied up in book 4.

Part 1 on sale August 25th
Part 2 on sale September 8th
Part 3 on sale September 22th
Part 4 on sale October 6th

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