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It’s Contest Time!!!

Guess what time it is!! It’s contest time. INFLECTION POINT Part 1 is now on presale for only $0.99, only at Amazon. It will be available for download August 25th.

Head on over to Facebook to enter:

1) A guaranteed prize of one $10 Amazon gift card each week
2) If I get more than 100 pre-orders, I’ll give away two gift cards, more than 300, 3-gift cards and so on. If I get more than 500 pre-orders, I’ll also give away a $50 grand prize during the final draw.

1) Go to Amazon and pre-order Inflection Point Part 1.
2) Come back here and record your receipt number in a comment to this post.
3) Once you enter, you will be eligible for all remaining draws, so enter early to be eligible for all 4 weeks of draws!!!

Contest July 28 2015


So what’s a lonely hacker supposed to do? The moment Theodora “Tedi” Watkins sets eyes on Quin Archer, former trust fund playboy, current CEO of ArcTech, she knows she wants him.

At almost 24, Tedi is a typical millennial slacker, working at a dead-end job. Or is she? In actual fact, Tedi is a professional hacker and is working undercover in ArcTech’s Help Desk to if she can breach their security from the inside. She’s never gotten involved with a target before, but for Quin, she’ll make an exception.

Quin is fighting for the life of his company. If they can’t get their new project, code named Inflection, finished, the company will go bankrupt. Add to that the fact they are under attack by hackers and it’s approaching the seventh anniversary of the loss of his best friend, Quin’s not looking for a relationship. But he’s definitely up for some fun and games with the hot new Help Desk Analyst.

Do the Hacker and the CEO have a chance?

Inflection Point Now on Sale

So excited to announce that my very first self published book is up for presale at Amazon. It’s Romantic Suspense (with hot sex, of course!)

Promo book 1 Short Description

Inflection Point Part 1 on presale today, only at Amazon.

Inflection Point – Part 1 now on presale!

Part 1 of Inflection Point is now on presale:

Theodora “Tedi” Watkins is a contracted help desk worker. At almost 24, she’s a typical millennial slacker, working at a dead-end job. Or is she? In actual fact, Tedi is a professional hacker, hired to see if she can breach ArcTech’s security. The only impediment to success: her attraction to the handsome CEO.

Quin Archer, former trust fund playboy, is determined to make a success of ArcTech Inc. His secret project, code named Inflection, will catapult the company into the big time… that is if they don’t go bankrupt first. He’s also dealing with the 7th anniversary of the loss of one of his best friends, and the guilt he feels for his part in what happened.

When Tedi meets Quin, there are fireworks… but will the explosion take them both down? Inflection Point is a 4 part series.

Each part is 20,000 to 25,000 long and sells for 99 cents.  Each part will release at 2 week intervals.  Books 1-3 end in cliff hangers that are resolved in the 4th and final part.

Book 1 Tedi & Quin