Hidden Diamond: Now available at Amazon and Kobo – coming soon to B&N


Caitlyn King has worked as Luke Martel’s right hand for a decade. She’s shocked when he announces that the company is being sold. She’s loved him for years and she finally has to accept that he will never see her the same way she sees him. Or does she?

Luke Martel has abandonment issues from childhood, so he never lets a woman get close to him, not even Caitlyn. When she refuses his offer to work for him personally after the sale, he’s feels betrayed and decides to attend the Black Diamond Club’s annual charity sub auction for some no strings companionship during a month-long visit to Bora Bora.

Two can look for no strings companionship, so Caitlyn signs up for the auction, too. Shocked when he sees Caitlyn on the auction block, Luke outbids his competitors without thinking about what this means. Will his impulsive purchase give them both what they are looking for?

** A Siren Erotic Romance


They met at college

They bonded over BDSM at the Black Diamond Club

They became rich founding BDC Technologies

They spent the last decade achieving material success: Now it’s personal

Welcome to the Billionaire Dom’s Club.

Luke Martel, Max Malone, Andrew Cooper, and brothers Dillon and Jacob
Harris first met in college. They quickly recognized that they all shared some
common traits. Besides all coming from humble backgrounds, all were highly
intelligent and driven to succeed. It wasn’t until Nathan West, the owner of
the Black Diamond Club, took a liking to the five young men and gave them part-time
jobs that they realized that they also shared a love of BDSM.

It was there they discovered they became friends. The Club, or the BDC as
it was also known, became a refuge. Besides working and playing at the BDC, they
spent hours in the lounge talking about the future and it was there they got
the idea to form their own technology company after graduation.

It was all idle talk at first, but then they graduated from college and
none of them were happy. Then the talk became planning. They worked out their
business plan, developed their product ideas. They just needed a kick in the
pants to quit their jobs and start making their dreams come true. That came
from Nathan who also became their first investor. He believed in them and, even
more important than the money, he gave them the encouragement they needed to
quit their jobs and pursue their dreams.

It was Jake’s idea to name their company BDC Technologies, in honor and
gratitude to Nathan and they’d all unanimously agreed with his suggestion.

“But in ten years, BDC will stand for Billionaire Dom’s Club as well!” Luke
declared. They all laughed and toasted, but it was not an idle boast.

It took closer to eleven years, but the Billionaire Doms Club became a
reality when BDC Technologies was purchased by a large conglomerate. Now they
had more money than they’d dreamed about. The only thing missing was love.

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