Serving Up Satisfaction – Cover Reveal

Serving Up Satisfaction, the 5th Satisfaction Texas book comes out in May, but here’s a sneak peak at the cover!

Chef Noah Grainger lost everything he’d ever worked for when he witnessed a mob murder on the night he opened his restaurant back home in Chicago.  He’s been given a new identity and temporarily relocated to Satisfaction Texas while he’s waiting to testify.  He is working at Candy’s Diner and counting the days until he can leave Satisfaction, move on with is life and start over.

Mechanic Tanner Aronofsky has been happily alone for many years, but when he meets Noah, he falls hard and is determined to win over the wary chef but Noah’s been on his own since he was eighteen and he’s not looking for a relationship.  Can Tanner convince Noah to give both him and Satisfaction a real chance?

And then there’s the mob.  They aren’t happy that Noah is going to testify and they will do whatever it takes to stop Noah, putting both his and Tanner’s lives in jeopardy.


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