2 Days until you can download “Uncovering Satisfaction”

“Uncovering Satisfaction” is on presale and available for download in just 2 days!!!  Get it for 15% off, but only for a short time.   Enjoy the sneak peak below, and for a hotter, extended version of the excerpt, got to comment #1.
“I made a commitment. I’m going to do this job like I do every job, and that’s by giving it one hundred percent. Show me how to be a sub.” She hesitated and then glanced back at the screen, seemingly unable to look at Dace of Micah as she spoke. “Are you…are you going to do that to me?”
“Do you want us to?”
* * * *
Nick found herself swallowing hard. She wanted to scream yes and fling herself over the arm of the couch. She also wanted to grab her clothes and run far, far away. She was turned on. She couldn’t deny that. She also couldn’t explain why, but she knew she needed this.
“I don’t know. Maybe. I shouldn’t. I’m here to do a job.” She paused. That sounded so, so pathetic. She was a strong woman. She owned her sexuality. She had a chance to live out her fantasies. She was just going to play a sub, not commit to a relationship. She would be able to find out if it was as hot in real life as it was to read about, and she wasn’t going to squander the chance.
For a hotter extended version of the excerpt, please head over to Facebook and check out comment #1

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