Uncovering Satisfaction, Satisfaction Texas 3, the story of Nicola, Micah and Dace, on presale now at www.bookstrand.com/uncovering-satisfaction
Meet Nicola, undercover operative on leave after a devastating end to her last assignment:
She was going stir- crazy in El Paso. She’d considered heading back east to her own apartment, but that held just as many bad memories. She got up, logged into her computer, and looked at the e-mail from Quin again.
That was some town he’d moved to. First there had been the whole drug cartel and potential kidnapping thing, and then Quin had gone undercover as a hit man to find out who was trying to kill a prominent local rancher by the   name of Murphy Smith. The guy had no luck. It was his girlfriend, Jess Archer, who had almost been kidnapped by the cartel. The company hadn’t been sure at first if those two cases were related, so they had sent Quin in undercover. He’d cracked the case and then done something that had shocked Nicola to the core.
He quit. He had chosen to make a life in Satisfaction, Texas with a woman he’d fallen in love with. His best friend, Blake, also loved her, and the three of them were now living happily together and talking about starting a family. They had even had a commitment ceremony. She’d seen the photos, but she hadn’t been up to going.
She wasn’t sure what was in the water down in Satisfaction, but part of her wondered what it would be like to have not one but two men devoted to her, to be able to lose herself in their lovemaking. Hell, she’d kill for one man to fuck her into oblivion so she could just let go of everything, quiet her brain, and chase away the nightmares.

Meet Dace, sheriff of Kinsdale County after he first sees Nicola:

He took a deep breath and t…hen a long draw on his beer. His jail was empty just now. Most prisoners were kept in the main facility over in Kinsdale. The Satisfaction jail was only used for short-term arrests, such as drunks kept overnight. He could keep her locked naked in a cell and take her out to play and no one would ever know. Except Micah. He’d tell him after a few days, and the two of them would play with her and then lock her away when they were done to await their pleasure.

Or, he considered, he could use the Wild West jail playroom at the club. It was a recreation of an old time western cell, but with all the BDSM accoutrements including soft leather manacles and various hooks and straps to use on a troublesome sub. They could strap her down and play with her to their heart’s content.

He smiled to himself. She’d probably kick him in the nuts if he tried something like that, but damned if he wouldn’t give his left nut to see her naked behind bars—behind his bars. Hell, he might even get on his knees and beg for something like that.

Meet Micah, owner of the Whips and Spurs Saloon and BDSM Club: 

It had taken Micah two years… of hard work, but he’d made a success of the place. He was trying not to show it, but Dace knew he was terrified of losing it all.

Micah’s tone was bleak. “What am I going to do? Six months ago, it was a single broken window. Then nothing for almost two months. Now there have been two incidents involving members in the last week. Sooner or later, one of them will put two and two together, and then word will get out and I can just shut down and file for bankruptcy.”

“Which brings me to my investigator friend, Nick Marlow. Best in the business.”
Micah found himself feeling a surge of hope but he quickly tamped it down. What could one person do? Then again, if they worked for the same outfit that had employed Quin… …He allowed himself a smidgen of optimism.

“You really think he can get to the bottom of things?”

“If anyone can, Nick can.”



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