Uncovering Satisfaction – Order it Thursday!!

Satisfaction Texas Book 3, Uncovering Satisfaction will be on presale Thursday March 5 (pm).  Nicola comes to Satisfaction to help Micah and Dace find out who’s trying to close down the Whips and Spurs.  She’s not what they expected when told to expect help from “Nick”, but when she decides to go under cover as they sub, they realize she’s just what they need.

While you are waiting, if you haven’t visited Satisfaction Texas yet, why not check out the first two books: Book 1, Finding Satisfaction is now on sale at Amazon and most major eRetailers.  Check out Jess’s story.  She’s a woman on the run with her dog and $100,000 in stolen drug money.  She ends up hiding out in Satisfaction Texas and in the arms of Murphy and Cole.  But her dirty cop ex in hot on her trail.  Can the men keep her safe? http://tinyurl.com/amazonusfindingsatisfaction http://tinyurl.com/amazonukfindingsatisfaction www.bookstrand.com/finding-satisfaction

Book 2 – Demanding Satisfaction is available at www.bookstrand.com/demanding-satisfaction-leyne.  Jules has finally accepted that the man she loves will never love her.  She moves on with mystery man Quin and old friend Doc Adams, but something strange is happening in Satisfaction and a neighbour suffers a series of accidents which may not be accidents.  When Jules’ own life is at risk, only true love will be able to save her.


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