And the winners are….

Below is the list of winners!  I’ll be contacting each of them directly on Facebook with details on how to obtain their prizes:

Lisa Parker Claimed   by Wolves
Shannon   Hollow Kitty Flynn Desired by   Wolves
Libby   Barnes Submission   101
Caring   Jen Loved by   Wolves
Diane   Butler Merrit Sex on the   Beach
Kristinmarie   Ernest Sex on the   Beach
Lori   Johnson
Finding   Satisfaction
Theresa   Jacobs Claimed by   Wolves
Pamela   Huggins Desired by   Wolves
Jacqui   Thomson Sun, Sand   and Submission & The Dominant’s Guide
Kathryn   Laprade Claimed by   Wolves
Laura   le Camplain Submission   101
Loretta   Mcgaughey Cin’s   Secret
Carol   Aldcock Bezzo Demanding   Satisfaction
Kaylyn   Davis Claimed by   Wolves
Krystal   Fahl Finding   Satisfaction
Susan   Foulkes Claimed by   Wolves
Mary   Worley Picture of   Submission
Chris   Finizio Gaeta Sex on the   Beach
Annie   Grant Runaway   Sub
Robin   Matloff Seitz Runaway   Sub
Jeanine   Beaulieu Claimed by   Wolves
Janie   Stadtmiller Culp Sex on the   Beach
Victoria   Reyes No   Accounting for Love
Ashley   Blair Librarian   and the Dom
Sky   S Hartbarger Loved by   Wolves
Stephanie   Fredrick Taken by   Wolves
Ruth   Hambley Charlotte’s   Dilemma
Julie   Dalglish Claimed by   Wolves
MariaLeyne   di Lallo The Dom,   the Switch and the Sub
Racheal   Celatka Yunk Sex on the   Beach
Jane   Appleton Claimed by   Wolves
Susan   Lister Sex on the   Beach
Karen   Clarke Finding   Satisfaction
Maurica   Lilich-Martin Home for   the Holidays
Lori   Meehan Finding   Satisfaction
Linda   Cameron-Brashears Sex on the   Beach
Debra   Gregory Demanding   Satisfaction
Irene   Jackson Claimed by   Wolves
Debbie   Raddatz Home for   the Holidays
Jackie   Mitchell Picture of   Submission
Vickie   Nattress Hawkins Submission   for Skeptics
Kelly   Walker Changing   the Rules
Michelle   Ramsay Spain Claimed by   Wolves
Veronica   Alfaro Submission   101

3 responses to “And the winners are….

  1. I love your books, but I am disappointed in the third book in the Call of The Wolf NOT being available on B&N with the first, second and the forth.
    I would Really like to know if and when the book will be available. I would like to finish reading the series.
    Thank You

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