Demanding Satisfaction, Satisfaction Texas 2 – coming soon!


Just 2 more days until “Demanding Satisfaction” goes on presale, and 2 more weeks (approximately) until “Finding Satisfaction” will be available at Amazon followed by the other major eRetailers.

Demanding Satisfaction, Satisfaction Texas 2:  Jules Durrance has been in love with Owen since she was a teenager, but to him, she was always just Micah’s little sister.  She’s also oblivious to the fact that her best friend, town vet Dr. Blake Adams is in love with her.  Is his arrival connected with the mysterious accidents on a nearby ranch?  And when Jules is in danger, just who can she count on?  Demanding Satisfaction, on presale Thursday February 6th (later afternoon EST).

And while you are waiting, why not check out “Finding Satidfaction” direct from Bookstrand and download it in the format of your choice (e.g. Kindle, Kobo, Nook)!


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