Sneak Peak: Demanding Satisfaction, Satisfaction Texas 2

Check it out:  The cover of “Demanding Satisfaction”, Satisfaction Texas 2, coming in February.
Rejected by the man she has loved since she was a teenager, Jules Durrance decides it’s finally time to move on.  She finds herself intrigued and attracted to newcomer Quin Redekker.  When her best friend, vet, Doc Blake Adams expresses his own interest, she decides to date both of them.
Torn between the two men, she decides to take a chance and makes the bold choice of suggesting a ménage.  She is shocked and thrilled when they agree.
But there’s more going on in Satisfaction than meets the eye.  A neighbor has suffered a series of accidents that may not have been accidental, Quin may not be what he seems and Blake definitely knows more than he’s admitting to.
When her first love comes back looking for a second chance, Jules is torn, but when her life is in danger, only true love can save her.

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