Series Spotlight: Club Libertine

Welcome to Club Libertine, the premier BDSM club in Seattle.


Book 1 – Changing the Rules – Michelle walked out on Mac and Sean ten years early after a menage.  Now they are back in her life.  Is there a chance at reconciliation?  Michelle knows that to make this happen, she needs to be “Changing the Rules”


Book 2 – The Librarian and the Dom – Lindy fell for Jake and into his arms after tripping on some stairs.  They say opposites attract and it’s love at first sight for “The Librarian and the Dom”, but are they two opposite?  And what will Lindy do when she learns his nickname is “Master of Pain”?


Book 3 – No Accounting for Love – Andie was hired to get the club’s books in order but she has no idea what it takes to make a successful BDSM club.  Duncan offers to show her the ropes, literally.


Book 4 – Cin’s Secret – Cin is Lindy’s sister.  She left Seattle years ago after hurting her sister terribly.  Now she’s back to make amends.  She didn’t expect to meet the O’Hara brothers.  She decides to have a fling with the twins not telling them that her sister may send her away forever after she makes her confession.


Book 5 – The Dom, the Switch and the Sub – Zack loves Serena and the young Dom is moving slowly, but is he moving too slowly?  When Luke, the new Dom at Club Libertine shows interest Zack worries he’s going to lose her.  What he doesn’t realize is that the ex-soldier wants them both and will do whatever it takes to win.


Book 6 – The Dominant’s Guide to Owning and Training a Sex Slave – Jillian’s sisters are off to university and she’s looking forward to selling the Inn she’s run since their parents died and spreading her wings.  Noted academic and author of a controversial BDSM sex guide, Joshua McClaine hopes that she’ll fly in his direction.


Book 7 – Submission for Skeptics – Kris was manipulated into insulting a room full of Doms.  The journalist agrees to do some research in order to write a balanced article on the subject of BDSM, but first she has to do some hands on research.  Her hot neighbours Damon and Brad offer to train her, but can she get past her feelings that equate it with abuse?


Book 8 – Submission 101 – Abby writes erotic novels but has never even visited a BDSM club until her friend Lindy invites her to Club Libertine to do a reading.  In love with her bosses Dex and Pat, who she’s sure will never return her feelings, she impulsively signs up for “Submission 101″.


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