Featured Series: Libertine Island

Welcome to Libertine Island where it is always hot, Hot, HOT!


Book 1 – Sex on the Beach – Rebecca’s looking for a little fun in the sun on Libertine Island while she works on her thesis.  She didn’t count on the Reynolds brothers.  She also didn’t count on her nemesis showing up on the island as a serpent in paradise that could possibly cost the three of them their jobs.


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Book 2 – Sun, Sand and Submission – Aly’s worried that her friend is now living in a BDSM resort with two Doms, so she decides to head down to Libertine Island.  To get on the island, she has to pose as a sub and she enlists the aid of Max, her ex that she’s never stopped loving to pose as her Dom.  What she doesn’t tell Max is that she’s hoping they can reconcile.  What he doesn’t tell her is that he’s hoping the same thing.


Book 3 – The Runaway Sub – Jen heads to Libertine Island for a wedding.  She’s not looking for romance or a Dom, but then she meets Caleb who is as lonely as she is and they connect immediately.  Neither of them count on Rey who shows up looking for his runaway sub.


Book 4 – The Picture of Submission – It seems to Maggie that all of her friends are now into BDSM, but she’ll never do more than play at submission.  Unfortunately, there’s a plum photography job she’s dying to land, but to do so, she has to demonstrate her understanding of the subject matter which is the beauty of submission.  Her teacher: Chris Hayes, the man who previously rejected her.  Luckily his brothers are there to help.


Book 5 – Charlotte’s Dilemma – Charlotte has spent 5 years in war zones so being the resident doctor at an island resort sounds lovely, even if it is a BDSM resort.  The only thing that could make things more perfect would be a fling with a hot guy.  Enter JJ.  He’s eight years younger, but he’s not interest at a fling.  He’s fallen in love with Charlotte.  Can she take a chance, sure he’ll walk away one day looking for a younger woman or leave now and protect her heart?


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