Cover Reveal – Finding Satisfaction, Satisfaction Texas 1

Finding Satisfaction, Satisfaction Texas book 1

on Presale:  January 9th

on Sale:  January 20th

Jess Archer is a woman on the run.  It’s just her and her dog and a hundred thousand dollars in stolen drug money heading to Texas and her brother for help.  When she learns out he’s out of the country for a week, she has to find a place to hide out and finds herself in Satisfaction Texas where she meets rancher Murphy Smith and blacksmith Cole Reacher who introduce her to the joys of menage.

Their happiness is short lived, however, when Detective Lance Dent, her ex tracks her down looking for the money and her drug sniffing dog that he’s promised to sell to a drug cartel.  If he doesn’t deliver, he knows he’s a dead man, so he’ll do anything to achieve his ends.

Jess decides to make a run for it, but waits too long and is kidnapped by Lance and it’s up to Murphy and Cole to rescue her.


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