Taken by Wolves – Excerpt! Pre-order it NOW

TAKEN BY WOLVES, on presale now – excerpt:

Now there were three dripping-wet, hot, naked men standing in front of her. She realized now, with their hair wet down and slicked back, that they were definitely triplets, identical triplets, hair and beard differences notwithstanding. Not that multiple births were unusual in the wolf-shifter world. And they were all wickedly handsome, if one liked tall, dark, and handsome and lupine. She placed their ages in their early thirties, just a good age for her, if she was looking, which she wasn’t. And if she was, she was definitely not in the market for wolves, although a little voice inside her head whispered that there was nothing wrong with a little fling.

Shut up, voice. These men are strangers, naked strangers.

The more she looked at them, the more familiar they seemed, but she knew she hadn’t met them before. She sniffed again. They were definitely familiar.

And then it came to her. Nate. She she’d heard that name before. He had to be Nathan Anderson.

“You’re Samantha’s brothers. I’ve heard about the three of you. Sullivan, Benjamin, and Nathan, right?”

“Sully, Ben, and Nate. Only Sam and our mother, when she’s mad at us, uses our full names.” The bearded one stepped forward with his hand extended. “You must be Ginger West. We’ve heard about you, too. I’m Sully Anderson.”

Ginger stepped back and looked down to his naked groin area. Sully had the grace to blush. He seemed angry that he was blushing, which just seemed to make him blush harder. Ginger smothered a smile as she turned her back.

“Why don’t we save the introductions until you three have your pants on again,” she suggested, turning her back again.



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