Loved by Wolves – Excerpt – Download it November 11th!

Have you visited HARMONY lately?  It’s time to find out Penelope’s story.  “Loved by Wolves”, on presale now and available for download Nov. 11th


It was only 10:00 p.m., but none of them had the heart to try again, and for once, even her Mates weren’t aroused. She’d never seen them naked and not hard for her. It showed her the depth of their despair that they were as limp as she felt.

In that moment, she resolved not to put them through another Mating Ceremony until she figured out what the problem was. They weren’t going to suffer through another failure again.

She felt Kent and Tucker get up. They never used an alarm. Both had one of those inner clocks that seemed infallible.

“Wake up sleepy head. Want us to get you come coffee?” She felt Tucker brush her hair back and kiss her cheek lightly.

“Yes please. I’ll be down in a minute.”

Kent walked over to her and paused. ‘You okay?”

“Yes, now shoo. I have another ten minutes before I have to get up, and I intend to enjoy every last second of it!” She waited until Kent kissed her cheek and both men headed downstairs before she let the tears start flowing.

“F**k the ceremony,” Penelope decreed as she sobbed quietly. “F**k shifter lore and mating ceremonies. I love them. They love me. It will be enough.” Her voice dropped lower. “It has to be,” she almost whispered. “At least until I can find the answer.”

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