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5* Review of Submission for Skeptics

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Submission for Skeptics by Diane Leyne Series: Club libertine #7 Published by Siren Genres: BDSM, Erotica Pages: 84 Format: eBook Buy the Book five-starsfive-starsfive-starsfive-starsfive-stars

Writer Kris Comisky was manipulated into insulting a room full of Doms during a book launch at Seattle’s notorious Club Libertine. Once she realizes her error, she decides to undergo sub training so she can write an article both as an apology and to help clear up misconceptions about the lifestyle.
University professor Damon Redmeyne and firefighter Brad Martin are Doms and lovers, and they live upstairs from Kris. They’re also in love with her and volunteer to be her trainers, hoping it will help her see them as more than just friends and open her up to the idea of a permanent ménage relationship.
Kris takes to the lifestyle immediately but is also fearful. Her family has a history of domestic abuse, and she’s having trouble coming to terms with a relationship involving pain no matter how many orgasms

Submission for Skeptics by Diane Leyne is a wonderful addition to her Club Libertine series. I have read several books by Ms. Leyne and she has never disappointed me. I know that her books will not only entertain me, but will move me emotionally. Such was the case with Submission for Skeptics when I was pulled into the story from the first page. I found myself getting lost in the book, forgetting my surroundings and focusing solely on the story.

Kris grew up in an abusive household and now has to watch her older sister repeat history. She swore that she would never allow herself to be abused by any man. So when she is invited to cover the launch of a book glorifying BDSM, Kris is determined to speak her mind. The launch party is held at Club Libertine, a notorious BDSM club. Kris is surprised to see her neighbors, Damon and Brad, at the party. She knew they were lovers but did not realize they lived the D/s lifestyle.  Damon and Brad offer to teach Kris about the lifestyle so that she can better understand a D/s relationship and write an article explaining how BDSM is not abuse.

The story played right into my own questions about BDSM. How can you let someone cause you pain? When does it cross the line into abuse? How can it possibly be consensual? Why would you let someone who supposedly loves you hurt you? Ms. Leyne answers all these questions as part of the story. As Kris learned, I learned. As Kris accepted, I accepted. As Kris yearned, I yearned. In fact, Submission for Skeptics portrayed a D/s relationship with such love and caring that I actually found myself jealous of Kris.

Damon and Brad were fascinating characters that I wanted to get to know better. Brad is a macho, muscular, firefighter, yet he is the submissive to Damon’s dominant. Why? How does being submissive provide Brad peace and security? Damon is the intellectual, a college professor. Yet this seemingly mild-mannered man loves to dominate. It’s always fun to see stereotypes turned upside down.

The sex scenes were so much more than just sex. The love between the three leads was evident in every words and every touch. Even when Brad or Damon was spanking Kris, you could feel how much they cherish her. And even though each man was focused on their woman, they never lost their own connection.

Ms. Leyne packs a lot into this novella. I really enjoyed watching Kris grow and learn the power of submission. Though Damon, Brad and Kris were strongest when together, I loved the relationship each had with the other. I’m not usually a fan of M/M relationships, but Damon and Brad had so much love for each other that I even enjoyed the scenes just between the two.

Submission for Skeptics can really be read as a standalone. However, once you’ve read it I wouldn’t be surprised if you decide to go back and read the others. Ms. Leyne is that good. I know that I can’t wait to read the next one in the series.

On Sale NOW: The Picture of Submission

It seems like everyone Maggie Barton knows is now into BDSM, including her adoptive brother and her three best friends.  Maggie’s happy to play at being submissive, but there’s no way she’s giving up control for real.

But to get a plum job of doing the photos for a prestigious book on submission, she needs to learn all about the subject, fast.  Enter the Hayes brothers.


Return to Club Libertine: The Dom, the Switch and the Sub, CL book 5

Zack O’Hara is a young Dom at Club Libertine and in love with part-time club receptionist Serena Edwards but she has him firmly in the Friends with Benefits zone. Zack has been wooing her slowly, but now he realizes he is running out of time when he discovers that Luke Davis, the new Dom in town and army vet, has set his sights on her too.

But Zack has misread Luke’s intentions. Luke isn’t looking to steal Serena away. He wants both of them and will mount whatever type of campaign it takes to win them over. And Zack is shocked to realize that Luke doesn’t just want to share Serena. He also expects Zack to submit to him as well.

Zack has always thought of himself as a Dom. But is he really a Switch? Can he share the woman he loves with another man? Can he be with another man?


And check out these wonderful reviews:

5 STARS: “Zach and Luke are Doms at Club Libertine. Luke is recently out of the service, with PTSD demons still chasing him. Zach’s older brothers are Doms at the club also, and Zach has never thought of himself as anything else. Serena loves him and their life is just beginning together. However, Luke makes it clear he wants both Zach and Serena as his subs. Can Zach learn to switch and like it? What will his Dom brothers think of him if he switches? Can Zach and Serena help Luke overcome his fears, or will he ultimately leave them? I like all the Club Libertine books, but some more than others. The Dom, the Switch, the Sub had a different type of story from the rest, which involved both men’s heroes’ journeys which are epic. Once again, it’s a hot read, so have the cold drinks and air conditioning on!” — Alberta, Manic Readers

5 BLUE RIBBONS: “Diane Leyne takes readers on an unexpected emotionally laden (yet exciting) journey with THE DOM, THE SWITCH, AND THE SUB. Serena, Zack and Luke have their individual issues, concerns and fears but you get the impression that with each other’s support they could overcome anything. I loved the buildup to the moment when the three of them finally come together and the obvious indecision and nervous energy Serena and Zack display. What I especially enjoyed about this story is how Ms. Leyne incorporates Luke’s military background into this storyline – and how he’s still affected and involved in helping his comrades adjust to ‘normal’ life. It’s not easy and doesn’t always work, and I really appreciated that Serena and Zack don’t give up on him even when he tries to pull away. This is a beautifully written story.” — Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies Reviews

4.5 KISSES:The Dom, The Switch, and The Sub by Diana Leyne is the fifth book in the Club Libertine series.  This story can be read as a standalone book.  Zach is a dominant male but he is hiding that fact from Serena.  She has expressed in interest in the lifestyle and even works at a BDSM club, but Zach doesn’t want to scare her off with his sexual needs.  Little does he know that Serena knows more than she lets on.  She has been quietly topping from below and Zach hasn’t noticed, but Luke has.  Luke has survived somewhat intact from four tours of duty.  He was a dom before he served and his dominant tendencies have done nothing but strengthened since his return.  He is also willing to fight for what he wants even if it is unconventional.  And what he wants is both Serena and Zach. I enjoyed this tale by Ms. Leyne.   She gave us a tale that touched on many issues which added to the overall story of love and acceptance.  Luke was a strong character and the obvious head of the house but he needed to learn that submissive did not mean pushover.  Both Zach and Serena were willing to fight for the love they had for their budding family even if they had to fight their Dom.  This was my first time reading this author but it will not be the last.” — Tangie, TwoLips Reviews

4 STARS: “THE DOM, THE SWITCH AND THE SUB was a surprising and enjoyable read where the usually clear defined roles within the D/s community get blurred. You have the Dominant and you have the submissive. And most people know what those roles are. But occasionally there are those who are called switches. They dominate subs but also submit to stronger Doms. This is also a story about going and getting what you want and communication. Zack wanted to be Serena’s Dom for as long as they’ve lived together. But he figures a slow approach is the best. Serena has wanted Zack to be her Dom for the same length of time. And the fact that they both work at a BDSM club should have told Zack she didn’t need or want the kid glove, slow approach. I love how the author has them bantering back and forth and at cross purposes with each other. And what is it going to take to get them together? Luke, a Dom’s Dominant in every meaning of the word. Ex-military, he’s still dealing with issues from his service and trying to help members from his old squad with PTSD. He’s been watching both Serena and Zack, and he knows that Zack wants Serena, but from some of Zack’s action, maybe he’s a switch. And that’s just fine in his books, because he wants them both. But will Zack accept submitting to him? What happens when his past comes back to haunt them? The author did a sensitive job with writing about Luke’s dealing with his buddy’s PTSD, and that not all of those dealing with it can be saved. But that you still have to try and you can’t give up. She also did a wonderful job with the fun characters of Zack and Serena versus the serious nature of Luke. This is a very well-written story that is both fun and heartbreaking. I will be reading more by this author.” — Laurie P, The Romance Reviews

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Cover Sneak Peak: Loved by Wolves, Call of the Wolf 3

Just got the cover for Loved by Wolves.  What do you think?  Penelope has loved wolf-dog shape-shifting twins Ken and Tucker and their cousins John and Jack all of her life, but no matter now hard they tried, the Mating Ceremony wouldn’t work.  Just when she’s wondering if it is time to move on, she meets Oliver.  He’s the human doctor who operated on Alex in Desired by Wolves (book 2) and he’s interested in Penelope who is shocked to find herself returning his interest.  What does that mean for her relationship with her wolves?

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On PreSale Now: Book 4 of the Libertine Island Collection – The Picture of Submission

It seems like everyone Maggie Barton knows is now into BDSM, including her adoptive brother and her three best friends.  Maggie’s happy to play at being submissive, but there’s no way she’s giving up control for real.

But to get a plum job of doing the photos for a prestigious book on submission, she needs to learn all about the subject, fast.  Enter the Hayes brothers.

She first met them on Libertine Island at her brother’s wedding.  Rejected by the oldest brother Chris, she ended up in the arms of Carter and Dalton, who didn’t have Chris’s issues about her not being able to truly submit.  Now Chris has been asked to train her so she can truly understand what it means to be submissive.  She can either accept his Dominance during the training period or give up the opportunity to illustrate the book.  Luckily his brothers will be there to assist.

Libertine Island Collection

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Come back to Club Libertine with Submission 101!

Club Libertine 8, Submission 101, on sale now.  Abby write erotic romances on the side but she’s never experienced ménage or BDSM in real life.  Dex and Pat are in love with the researcher who’s too insecure to see their feelings for her.  When she decides to go to Club Libertine for training, they volunteer to teach her in a course they entitle, “Submission 101” available at